ASSISTments in the field

What is going on in teaching and learning?

A gift born from peril

Boston Globe
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Study Shows WPI-developed Math Homework Tool Closes the Learning Gap

WPI-The Daily Heard
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Researchers need to collaborate to address the challenges facing schools

By Neil Heffernan for Brookings
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Commentary: Ed Tech Does Help Close the Achievement Gap - When It Supports Teachers

By Neil Heffernan for The 74
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Don't eliminate homework. Make it more effective

By Neil Heffernan for Phi Delta Kappan
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ASSISTment - Subject of More Than $7 Million in Rigorous Research Studies

WPI - The Daily Heard
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Nurturing Persistent Problem Solving

Mathematics Teacher
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A Web App Helps Teachers See Where Students Are Stumped

Here and Now
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The Machines Are Taking Over

The New York Times Magaizne
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Maine schools experimenting with Web-based math homework

Bangor Daily News
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Scientist Bring New Rigor to Education Research

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ASSISTments-Neil and Cristina Heffernan

TL Talk Radio
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Who Decides if Ed Tech Even Works

Ed Week
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