Launching the Teachers for Research and Feedback Community

July 29, 2020

ASSISTments has always been invested in bridging classroom impact with learning science research. One way we’ve done that is by bringing together teacher leaders from the ASSISTments community with great researchers to learn together about what improves math learning. Hundreds of ASSISTments teachers have been involved in such studies - and now we’ve launched a new community so that you, too, can stay in the know about upcoming opportunities.

By joining our Teachers for Research and Feedback community, you will receive a monthly newsletter featuring new opportunities to:

  • Participate in research projects that will shed light on what we know about how students learn (and be the first to learn about the results!)
  • Give feedback to help us improve ASSISTments through pilots, focus groups and usability studies
  • Hear about paid opportunities to support the research and development of new features

Sign up here to get the newsletter, launching in September.

Your job is simple: Check out the monthly newsletter and sign up for the projects that are interesting to you. You’ll get all the details you need to make an informed decision, including time requirements and expectations. 

The newsletter will also provide you a first look at the results of research projects and how to apply them in your classroom, and spotlight teachers like you who are supporting impactful research.

You should know that we are committed to protecting student privacy and using what we learn from real classrooms to inform research-based education. If you want to learn more about how we protecting student data, read our blog here.

The newsletter launches in September - sign up here to become a Teacher for Research and Feedback.


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