Our Research: Reassesing and Relearning

June 1, 2014

Skill Builders is an ASSISTments feature that allows teachers to assign practice of individual skills to students.  To complete skill builders, students need to answer a specific number of questions correctly in a row (normally 3).  Students will be automatically reassessed periodically over time on the skills that they have completed when skill builders are used in conjunction with the Automatic Reassessment and Relearning System (ARRS) feature.  If students are unable to answer skills correctly on the reassessment test, they are assigned relearning skill builders. To learn more about this project, please read the full study.

Who participated in the study?

97 8th- grade students were pretested on a set of mathematical skills and then subsequently practiced them until mastery was attained on all skills.

What were the findings?

End-of- year post-test results revealed better performance on the problem sets that were reassessed and relearned versus not. Furthermore, reassessment and relearning was especially beneficial for students with low pre-test performance and for more difficult skills.

There are numerous advantages of using a system like ASSISTments to automatically practice, reassess and provide relearning opportunities. First, providing students with individualized spaced practice and testing with feedback is a difficult and complex task without the use of technology. Providing students with such practice and feedback would not be possible with traditional paper and pencil curricular materials. Second, automating the process of assigning practice of specific skills based on individual student performance allows for more meaningful and tailored practice and relearning. Students spend more time practicing difficult skills and spend less time practicing those they have already mastered. Finally, teachers can use feedback generated by ASSISTments to determine skills and concepts students find difficult and tailor classroom instruction appropriately.


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