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5 Things I Wish I Knew as a First Year Teacher

Recently, there has been a lot of time for middle school teacher Alfons Prince to reflect on where the field of education is at and where it can go. This post contains the top five things he wishes he knew when he began.

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Top 3 Ways ASSISTments Made Me A Better Teacher

For Holli Hudson, Introducing ASSISTments to her instructional practice gave her freedom and flexibility to meet students’ needs at an individual level. Read more on her journey on before/after ASSISTments.

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How ASSISTments Skillbuilders Works in My Class (and why it will work for you too)

Mike Tarka uses Skillbuilders to create differentiated homework assignments and assign them individually to meet students at their level. It’s been one of the easiest choices I’ve made to benefit my students.

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4 Steps to Making Homework a Learning Opportunity

Is your homework helping students learn? Have you given up on homework because you think it has lost value? Veteran math teacher Andrew Burnett has finally found a way to make homework an effective learning opportunity for his students.

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New Teachers Join the ASSISTments Ambassador Community. These are their stories, from the classroom.

Get to know the newest teacher leaders from the ASSISTments community to become Ambassadors. They represent educators from across the country. These are their stories, from the classroom.

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I’m the Only 7th/8th Grade Math Teacher at my School. Professional Learning with ASSISTments Breaks Down Silos.

This middle school math teacher joins ASSISTments professional learning to get into her "blindspot," by seeing how other teachers are responding to the same challenges and setting the pace in their classrooms using the same flexible tool.

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I Took a Break From the Classroom to Help Do Research. It Made Me a Stronger Teacher.

ASSISTments Ambassador Andrew Burnett was in his 15th year of teaching when he was asked to join the ASSISTments team. His task was to help conduct a long-term educational study by training and supporting the teachers that were participating in an independent research project. Andrew communicated with 70 teachers all around the Northeast about implementing ASSISTments in their classrooms. Read on to learn Andrew's story and how he has transformed his teaching practices.

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Ambassadors Help Spread the Word about ASSISTments

The ASSISTments Foundation is committed to providing high quality opportunities that support our teachers as they use ASSISTments and lead in their own classrooms and beyond. ASSISTments Ambassador Andrew Burnett spreads the word about ASSISTments across many platforms including his blog, social media and at national education conferences.

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