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Teachers For Research & Feedback (TFRF) Researcher Spotlight: Anthony Botelho

This month, we shine a light on Anthony Botelho, Research Scientist at Worcester Polytechnic Institute who has been working on the federally funded project focused on helping teachers provide meaningful feedback to their students more efficiently, known as QUICK-Comments.

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Teachers For Research & Feedback Outcomes

After 6 months of offering opportunities for teachers, the Teachers for Research & Feedback team would like to share some outcomes and contributions from a few of their impactful education studies geared towards improving the ASSISTments platform.

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Teacher-Researcher Spotlight: Claire Calderon

Hear how Claire's involvement with the ASSISTments' Teachers For Research & Feedback opportunites has deepened her understanding of the data she gets from ASSISTments and how best to use that data to serve her students’ math learning needs.

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I’m the Only 7th/8th Grade Math Teacher at my School. Professional Learning with ASSISTments Breaks Down Silos.

This middle school math teacher joins ASSISTments professional learning to get into her "blindspot," by seeing how other teachers are responding to the same challenges and setting the pace in their classrooms using the same flexible tool.

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Can student learning improve using teacher crowdsourcing in online learning platforms such as ASSISTments?

TeacherASSIST is an ASSISTments feature that leverages teacher crowdsourcing to amplify and support teaching and learning across all ASSISTments users. Read more about our work and research using crowdsourcing.

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My Experience at the Intersection of Teacher Professional Development and Edtech Research

7th grade math teacher Thea Durling spent two years on the TeacherASSIST project, developing hints and exemplars to support other ASSISTments users in providing personalized feedback to students

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Is there any difference in the effectiveness between online and paper-based homework?

As part of the Teachers for Research and Feedback Program, learn about the research Luisa Ferrari did with ASSISTments teachers to understand if student performance improves using online learning strategies in comparison to paper-based work.

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