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Providing Students with High-Quality Individualized Feedback
May 4, 2021

Check out Ms. Owens experience on how ASSISTments can support teachers in providing high-quality individualized feedback to students.

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The Case for Equity in Education
April 27, 2021

Melissa Swan goes over a brief history of inequity in education and discusses how the Culturally Responsive Teaching method can help address racial injustices in America.

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Teachers For Research & Feedback (TFRF) Researcher Spotlight: Anthony Botelho
April 16, 2021

This month, we shine a light on Anthony Botelho, Research Scientist at Worcester Polytechnic Institute who has been working on the federally funded project focused on helping teachers provide meaningful feedback to their students more efficiently, known as QUICK-Comments.

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Apply to become an ASSISTments Certified Trainer!
April 7, 2021

Become certified in an award winning EdTech tool for free! Application period for this opportunity has ended.

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Orchestrating Student Discussions with ASSISTments Data
April 6, 2021

Dawn Peterson, one of our Teacher Engagement Managers and an experienced ASSISTments user, outlines the key considerations when planning to facilitate student discussions using detailed, actionable data from the Assignment Report.

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Transitioning from classroom to hybrid/remote teaching with ASSISTments
March 30, 2021

Khanh Pham, a 7th grade math teacher at McDonough Middle School explains her teaching transition from before to during the pandemic and into a new school with ASSISTments.

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In Conversation With Neil Heffernan, Professor Of Computer Science At Worcester Polytechnic Institute
March 24, 2021

Analytics India Magazine got in touch with ASSISTments co-founder, Neil Heffernan, to share his views on data science.

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What’s it like to be in an ASSISTments Research Study?
March 23, 2021

We spoke with Megan Randolph and Joaquine Pina, two teachers who participated in ASSISTments research studies in order to get their take.

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Distance learning can be deep learning
March 22, 2021

Read this article for three central insights that ASSISTments cofounders, Neil and Cristina Heffernan, think drive learning in distance learning scenarios.

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Commentary: Short Tutoring Sessions on Demand, Chatbots to Help With Homework Problems — Innovations That Could Get Students Back on Track
March 21, 2021

As schools around the country adopted remote learning last spring and this fall, demand for tutoring shot up. Read more in this article by ASSISTments co-founders Neil T. Heffernan and Cristina Heffernan

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Teachers For Research & Feedback Outcomes
March 19, 2021

After 6 months of offering opportunities for teachers, the Teachers for Research & Feedback team would like to share some outcomes and contributions from a few of their impactful education studies geared towards improving the ASSISTments platform.

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Spring Recruitment: ASSISTments seeks diverse 7th grade math teachers using OpenUp, Illustrative Math, Engage NY and/or Eureka Math - Paid Opportunity
March 19, 2021

ASSISTments is seeking diverse 7th grade math teachers with experience using OpenUp, Illustrative Math, Engage NY and/or Eureka Math for a paid opportunity to support the development of two new features within our platform.

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7 Lessons Learned from Teaching Through COVID this Fall
March 9, 2021

We’ve put together 7 lessons so that your students can continue to have access to high quality instruction and feel supported in their learning as you continue to teach through COVID this Spring.

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Using ASSISTments to Support Equitable Math Instruction
March 2, 2021

Brian Story, one of our Teacher Engagement Managers, overviews the importance of equity and inclusion in the classroom and what research tells us about how you can use ASSISTments to do so.

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