ASSISTments is more than an assessment tool. It improves the learning journey, translating student assessment to skill building and mastery, guiding students with immediate feedback, and giving teachers the time and data insights to drive every step of their lesson in a meaningful way.

create Assignments

Teachers can assign content from a wide variety of existing or custom problem sets. Whether you use curricula such as Illustrative Mathematics or Engage NY, textbooks like Big Ideas or Pearson, or prefer to write your own problems, ASSISTments is flexible to teacher needs.

Assist Students Through Immediate Feedback

As students complete their assignment, they receive hints and explanations to assist them in their understanding of the problems. They will know immediately if their answer is right or wrong, can make multiple attempts, and can work towards partial credit. At the end of each assignment, each student receives an outcome report, detailing their performance.

Analyze answers together

Class time becomes more effective, because teachers can focus instruction on specific areas of student need. By assessing detailed areas of student performance in the assignment report, teachers can discuss common wrong answers, helping to clear up common misconceptions and missteps. Homework and classwork flow seamlessly into instruction of new material.



Quickly assess student and class performance using these symbols of success on your assignment report

Answered correctly on the first attempt

Answered correctly after the first attempt and/or hint used

Answered correctly after exceeding 3 attempts or hint usages

Student shown the answer