Student Practice Assignments

To give students additional practice, we recommend assigning our Student Practice Assignments.

You can find both practice assignments in the “Getting Started with Students” section of our user resources or in your ASSISTments account, via the Find and Assign tab, in a folder at the bottom of the Content Library.

Student Practice Assignment 1 allows students to practice completing an assignment. As they complete the practice assignment they will learn:

  1. How to view their progress, including their score, number of problems complete, and the number of problems that remain
  2. What happens when they get a problem correct on the first attempt versus when they make multiple attempts
  3. How to answer different types of problems (multiple choice, short response and open response)
  4. How to interpret the feedback symbols they receive on each question

If students follow all directions, they will receive a score of 67%.

Students will also get a chance at the end of Practice Set 1 to view their own individual report (see example below).

Student Practice Assignment 2 allows students to practice answering open-response questions.  (Note: This is likely most useful for students in 4th grade or higher. Younger students will likely need more support). 

Students will experience responding with:

  1. Typed text
  2. An uploaded picture of their work done on paper
  3. A picture directly from your device/computer
  4. Creating an image from our embedded drawing tool
  5. Math symbols and expressions 
  6. A table

Each question contains embedded text directions as well as video tutorials to guide students as they learn.

The Practice Assignments are flexible to your needs in the classroom. You may choose to try them with students during class time to explain the differences with each question. Or, you can assign them to your students as independent work. 

Happy Practicing!

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