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Title: Student Practice Assignment: The Basics of Working in ASSISTments

Question 1a: 

Welcome students! This problem set will help you learn the types of problems and feedback you will get as you complete an assignment in ASSISTments.

If you look to the bar on the left of your screen, you will see how many problems you have completed and how many were assigned to you in total.

Select “Next” as your answer, then click "Submit Answer" in the bottom right corner of the problem and click “Next Problem” to move on to the next problem.  

Question 1b: 

In ASSISTments, if you get the answer wrong, you will get to try again. Mistakes are part of learning, and it’s ok to have to try again. As long as you give your best effort, this is ok and part of learning!

Your teacher will see how many attempts you make on each problem so they know how to best support you.

Select "Next" as your answer below to move onto the next problem.


Question 2:

For this problem, we want to show you what happens when you get the answer correct on the first try.  

Type in the correct answer in the answer box below. 


2 + 3 = 

(The correct answer to this question is 5)

You will also see a green circle with a check [insert picture] appear in the bar on the left, showing that you answered correctly on the first attempt.  

MULTIPLE CHOICE: 5, 6, 10, banana

STUDENT SUPPORT:  Hint - Sometimes you will have the option to click a hint to help you solve a problem or an explanation which solves the problem for you.  

Question 3: 

For this problem, we want you to see what happens when you get the problem incorrect. You’ll notice that ASSISTments will tell you that your answer is incorrect when you enter an incorrect answer and allow you to answer again.  

Type “3” as your answer below (this is incorrect) and see what happens. Then type the correct answer on the second try. (The correct answer to this question is 9)


4 + 5 = 

You will also see a yellow circle and check [insert image] appear in the bar on the left, showing that you answered correctly after answering incorrectly.

Numerical Answer Type: 9

Question 4:

When you are truly stuck on a problem, ASSISTments gives you the option to click “show answer”. You can then input the correct answer in order to move on. On this problem, we want to show what happens when you press this button. When you click show answer, your teacher will be notified and you will see a red circle with a lightning bolt.

Press the “Get Help” button underneath the problem and then select “Show Answer.” The answer to this question will be shown. Place the numbers in the correct order by clicking and dragging them, then submit your answer.  

Order from least to greatest:

4, 1, 2, 5, 3 

Notice the red circle with a lightning bolt [insert image] appear in the bar on the left, showing that you asked for the answer.

Ordering answer type. 

Question 5:

In ASSISTments, you also have the ability to go back to view problems you’ve already answered as well as the Student Supports that go with them.  Using the bar on the left, click on Problem 2 and click “Get Help” to view the Student Support for this problem.

MULTIPLE CHOICE: “Ok I understand”

Question 6: 

Your teacher may assign you open response questions. For these questions, you will not get immediate feedback for the answer you enter. Your teacher will be able to see your response and can provide feedback directly to you after you finish your assignment. 

Here is a video showing you the different ways you can answer an open-response question.

Leave a response for your teacher. This could simply be text or if you watch the above video, you could try inserting a table, creating a mathematical equation, or uploading a picture for your teacher to view. Type your response in the box below and press “Submit.”

You will see a gray circle with an underlined check [insert image] appear in the bar on the left, showing that you answered correctly but since it is an open response question, you have not been scored yet.  

Answer Type: Open Response

Question 7:

When you answer the last question in the problem set and submit, you will be directed to a student report which will show you how you did on this assignment.  Your teacher may decide to provide you with a numerical score on the assignment.  Remember that the score generated through ASSISTments is not intended to be a grade. It is meant to provide you and your teacher helpful data to help you grow and improve. 

Multiple Choice: Got it, thanks!

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