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Create an Assignment with Google Classroom

  1. In order to search for content, click on “EXPLORE CONTENT” in the top menu bar of the website.
  1. Search for problem sets by double-clicking on the folders
  2. You can bookmark content you find and want to return to by clicking the triple dot menu

4. When viewing a specific problem set, you will see checkboxes next to specific problems. Select the checkboxes next to the problem you wish to assign.

5. Select the problems you want to assign, or select all problems at the top

6. Click Assign to Google Classroom

7. You may be asked to confirm which account you want to sign in with. Always choose the account connected to your Google Classroom account. 

The first time you assign, you will need to import your classes into ASSISTments

  1. Click on Import

  1. Select the checkbox next to the class or classes you wish to import, and then select Import Classes

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