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Welcome to the Teacher Corner!  Here, teachers can find useful artifacts, blog posts, and videos generated by other teachers to inspire and deepen their own instructional practices around using ASSISTments.

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Featured Downloadable Artifacts

Artifacts generated by experienced ASSISTments users to help you integrate ASSISTments into your classroom.

ElWanda McLaurin
Grade 7 Math Teacher
Spring Lake, North Carolina
Tracking Student Independent Practice using Skillbuilders and Reflection
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In this video, hear how one teacher tracks students' independent practice and fosters student reflection on specific math fluency skills using skillbuilders. Two additional teacher created PDFs are available - a Skillbuilder Checklist for 7th Grade and a Skillbuilder Reflection Sheet.

Dawn Peterson
Director of Content & Parterships at The ASSISTment Foundation, Former Math Teacher
Worcester, MA
My Favorite No
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This slide deck shows how the My Favorite No routine can be used with ASSISTments data. This routine invites students to do error analysis on one problem or task that the entire class has completed with a goal of celebrating what went right, even if the final answer is incorrect.

Featured Teacher Voices From the blog

Blog posts written by experienced ASSISTments users which share tips and ideas for leveraging ASSISTments in your classroom.

Three Classroom Challenges (and Solutions!) to Help Orchestrate Student Discussions

Three teachers share the challenges and solutions they've implemented in the classroom to help build community, encourage students to make meaningful contributions, and amplify student voice.

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Challenge Turned Opportunity: Using ASSISTments to Increase Engagement

Jenni Birrell was teaching both live virtually via Zoom and using recorded lessons posted to Canvas. She found it incredibly challenging to assess students during that time; until she realized that student engagement was still one of the most critical components of teaching and learning, no matter the format.

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Featured Classroom Demos

Videos showing ASSISTments teachers in action. See how they implement ASSISTments and analyze data in their classrooms. Check out our Webinar Library for even more video content.

Warmups with ASSISTments

See how Mr. Broaddus gets his students warmed up for class with ASSISTments.

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Open Response Questions

See how Ms. Delaney uses ASSISTments for open response questions.

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Teacher Toolkit

This month, we’ve curated resources for Building and Sustaining Positive Culture in the ASSISTments Classroom. See all user resources for more training and support.

Start the Year with Positive Student Culture Around ASSISTments

The start of the 2021 school year and the start of the 2021 calendar year looked different in my classroom. Returning to in-person learning did not mean losing all of the valuable virtual tools that we implemented for our students. Now, as we enter into 2022, it’s important to reflect and take stock of how much we’ve achieved; as well as, identify next steps so that we can finish the school year strong.

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User Resource
Interpreting and Analyzing the Problems View and Standards View of the Assignment Report (Practice Mode)

A growing number of schools across the country are implementing standards-based learning (SBL) practices and have found with this shift students are more interested in how they can improve their understanding of concepts rather than how they can raise their grades. The ASSISTments assignment reports have two different views, a problems view and standards view. In this resource, learn how the scoring on the problem and standard view of the assignment report is different. 

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Teacher Artifact
Communicating About Data with Students

Teachers and leaders recognize the importance of being data-driven to improve instruction, but one key group is often left out of the process: students. Using data with students empowers them and allows them to take control of their learning creating a positive culture around learning in the classroom. Students of all ages can use data, helping them to understand learning as a process of growth over time. To learn more about how to communicate and discuss data with students, check out this exclusive clip from Trinity Mundungo, an expert ASSISTments teacher and hear how she positively starts class sharing and discussing data with students.

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Teacher Artifact
Solutions to Common Implementation Challenges

Download this document that shares common challenge that teachers face with students when first using ASSISTments along with suggested actions the teacher can take to meet these challenges.

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3 Tips on Creating a Positive Learning Environment with ASSISTments

No matter what this Fall looks like, students will need a positive classroom environment that is safe for learning. Even if students enter the classroom academically behind, you can create a classroom environment that helps them get their confidence in math back and set them on track for success. Use these three tips to help.

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Blog Posts
Parent Letter (Spanish) / Carta de Padres (Español)
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Parent Letter (English)
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Teacher Presentation: Barbara Scriven

This is an excerpt from one of our targeted webinars. Learn from Barbara Scriven, one of our experienced ASSISTments users, how she uses ASSISTments in her classes at home and in person. Specifically, Barbara shares how she uses ASSISTments for independent practice and communication of student progress with families.

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ASSISTments Student View Walk-Through

Watch this video walk-through of ASSISTments from the Student View. In this video, teacher Andrew Burnett demos what students will see. This is a great video to share with students and families so they know what to expect before starting to use ASSISTments.

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Scoring Rubric
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Use this rubric to encourage students to see their multiple attempts as a good thing and not get caught up on the score.

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