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Teacher Corner

Welcome to the Teacher Corner!  Here, teachers can find useful artifacts, blog posts, and videos generated by other teachers to inspire and deepen their own instructional practices around using ASSISTments.

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Artifacts from our classrooms

Artifacts generated by experienced ASSISTments users to help you integrate ASSISTments into your classroom. Sharing your artifacts and tips is one of many ways to Get Involved.

Sarah Irish
Middle School Technology Integration Specialist
Lewiston, Maine

My top ASSISTments tip: Build a routine with ASSISTments with both your students and yourself early on. Think about how are you going to use it, what are you going to do with the data, and what expectations do you have. Keep it simple and consistent.

Incorporating ASSISTments into a Mastery Based Classroom
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Learn how Sarah uses ASSISTments in her mastery-based classroom, and get access to her student self-paced learning tracking sheet.

Barbara Delaney
Middle School math teacher for 22 years. Retired from classroom teaching June 2020

Regularly use data to understand student progress and inform my instruction

3 Strategies to Foster a Growth Mindset and Create Agents of Learning
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In this video you will hear three strategies from an experienced math teacher about how to use ASSISTments foster a growth mindset and encourage student agency.

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Teacher Voices on the blog

Blog posts written by experienced ASSISTments users which share tips and ideas for leveraging ASSISTments in your classroom. Visit the blog for more perspectives.

7 Tips for Fostering a Growth Mindset in your Classroom

The notion of a growth mindset may not be inherent to students. What should you be implementing right now in order to foster that with your math students? This post offers an answer.

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4 Steps to Making Homework a Learning Opportunity

Is your homework helping students learn? Have you given up on homework because you think it has lost value? Veteran math teacher Andrew Burnett has finally found a way to make homework an effective learning opportunity for his students.

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Classroom Demos

Videos showing ASSISTments teachers in action. See how they implement ASSISTments and analyze data in their classrooms. Check out our Webinar Library for even more video content.

Warmups with ASSISTments

See how Mr. Broaddus gets his students warmed up for class with ASSISTments.

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Open Response Questions

See how Ms. Delaney uses ASSISTments for open response questions.

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Teacher Toolkit

This month, we’ve curated resources for Exploring Different Blended Instructional Models with ASSISTments. See all user resources for more training and support.

Overview of Different Content within ASSISTments
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Differentiating for Diverse Learner Needs

Hear how experienced ASSISTments users are creating differentiated learning opportunities for students with diverse academic needs.

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Incorporating ASSISTments into a Mastery Based Classroom
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Learn how Sarah uses ASSISTments in her mastery-based classroom, and get access to her student self-paced learning tracking sheet.

Helping Teachers Make the Most of Limited Time

How can EdTech tools be used to help teachers make the most of limited classroom time? Former teacher and ASSISTments team member Cindy Starks weighs in with her best recommendations.

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Using Common Wrong Answers for Homework Review

Completing homework assignments allows students to practice their skills—and then receive feedback on their work from teachers. Based on student homework, teachers can assess how each student is performing independently outside of the context of the classroom. Teachers can make the most of Common Wrong Answers to support students during homework review sessions.

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