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Welcome to the Teacher Corner!  Here, teachers can find useful artifacts, blog posts, and videos generated by other teachers to inspire and deepen their own instructional practices around using ASSISTments.

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Featured Downloadable Artifacts

Artifacts generated by experienced ASSISTments users to help you integrate ASSISTments into your classroom.

Alfons Prince
Grade 7/8 Math Teacher
Washington D.C.
ASSISTments Teacher Interview Clip: ASSISTments Routine with Pencil and Paper
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In this video, learn from Alfons Prince why he chooses to utilize paper and pencil in his math classroom and how he balances using ASSISTments with the time-tested tools of paper and pencil. In addition, learn how Alfons utilizes the data from ASSISTments to form in-the-moment groups for re-teaching.

Rich Hollon
Grade 5 Math Teacher
Cambridge, Idaho
ASSISTments Teacher Interview Clip: ASSISTments Routine with Pencil and Paper
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In this video, hear how Rich Hollon utilizes paper and pencil in his math classrooms with ASSISTments. Rich has developed a routine where students finish each problem on paper and enter their answers in ASSISTments. Through this routine and resetting an assignment for students, Rich has seen motivation and perseverance grow among his students.

Featured Teacher Voices From the blog

Blog posts written by experienced ASSISTments users which share tips and ideas for leveraging ASSISTments in your classroom.

Teacher Spotlight: Cathryn Shupert

With ASSISTments, Cathryn has seen her students’ confidence in their mathematical understanding and reflection skills grow.

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5 Practices that Support an Equitable and Inclusive Math Classroom

ASSISTments is here to help teachers meet the needs of all students. Teachers can ensure that they are leveraging ASSISTments to support an equitable and inclusive classroom environment by implementing our recommendations.

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Featured Classroom Demos

Videos showing ASSISTments teachers in action. See how they implement ASSISTments and analyze data in their classrooms. Check out our Webinar Library for even more video content.

Warmups with ASSISTments

See how Mr. Broaddus gets his students warmed up for class with ASSISTments.

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Open Response Questions

See how Ms. Delaney uses ASSISTments for open response questions.

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Featured Resource

This month, we wanted to Celebrate Teachers. For training and support resources check out our user resources.

How can I make sure that students see ASSISTments as a positive addition to my classroom?

Developing positive student culture around new tech resources can be challenging. Watch the video below to hear advice directly from ASSISTments teachers on how to introduce ASSISTments to students at the beginning of the school year. The video includes three tips from three of our amazing teacher users on how they make sure that students see ASSISTments as a positive addition to their classroom!
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Supporting Diverse Learners with ASSISTments

The practice of formative assessment establishes a culture of excellence in the classroom rooted in co-facilitated learning and expertly crafted lessons that accommodate the needs of all learners. Learn how ASSISTments, in partnership with the Louisiana Department of Education, can provide you with rich data insights so you can uncover your students’ needs and level of understanding. This data can also be shared with your students, empowering them to take ownership of their own learning.

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3 Tips on Creating a Positive Learning Environment with ASSISTments

No matter what this Fall looks like, students will need a positive classroom environment that is safe for learning. Even if students enter the classroom academically behind, you can create a classroom environment that helps them get their confidence in math back and set them on track for success. Use these three tips to help.

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Blog Posts
Parent Letter (Spanish) / Carta de Padres (Español)
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Parent Letter (English)
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ASSISTments Student View Walk-Through

Watch this video walk-through of ASSISTments from the Student View. In this video, teacher Andrew Burnett demos what students will see. This is a great video to share with students and families so they know what to expect before starting to use ASSISTments.

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Classroom Practices for Equity: A Guide for ASSISTments Teachers
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The ASSISTments Equity and Inclusion Framework is designed to provide additional guidance to our teacher user community on how to best use ASSISTments to support an Equitable and Inclusive math classroom environment; so that all students have the opportunity they deserve to be good at math.

Communicating About Data with Students
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Teachers and leaders recognize the importance of being data-driven to improve instruction, but one key group is often left out of the process: students. Using data with students empowers them and allows them to take control of their learning creating a positive culture around learning in the classroom. Students of all ages can use data, helping them to understand learning as a process of growth over time. To learn more about how to communicate and discuss data with students, check out this exclusive clip from Trinity Mundungo, an expert ASSISTments teacher and hear how she positively starts class sharing and discussing data with students.

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