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JA Perry

Project Coordinator

JA spent most of his childhood with his bare feet in the soil and water of New England, dissecting the world to gain understanding of how it all fits together. To this day, he maintains that natural spirit of inquiry and shows it through his work, organizing the building and maintenance of all of the curricular content on ASSISTments. JA earned his Bachelor's degree in Communications at Worcester State and began his career in the manufacturing industry. He worked his way up from the shop floor to corporate where he would go on to develop and support an award-winning company website, as well as develop custom product constructions for a portfolio of 425 accounts annually valued at over $11M. JA believes in improving student education and finds supporting computer science research to be inspiring.

Technology and education have become symbiotic and inseparable, and I am proud to be a part of the ASSISTments team in making valuable contributions to the understanding of the learning process.
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Meet the Team: JA Perry

As a Project Coordinator, JA arranges the content building for all the curricula on ASSISTments! Read more about JA's background and passion for education.

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