Try Benchmark Tests with ASSISTments

June 12, 2019

Benchmark tests allow teachers to see what students have learned at the end of turning point of a unit.

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Getting Students Excited to Learn

May 29, 2019

Getting students excited about classroom material is critical in instilling a love of learning. Mr. McMillen and Ms. McCrary, 7th grade math teachers living in North Carolina, have spent the last couple of years using ASSISTments in their classrooms and finding what works.

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Finding Your Stride with New Tech Tools in Class

May 23, 2019

It takes time to introduce a new technology into your classroom. You have to get accustomed to the tool yourself, encourage your students as they get used to it and build the tool into daily routines and practices. Ms. Cutri, a 7th grade teacher living in North Carolina, has spent the last couple of years using ASSISTments in her classroom and finding what works.

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Show Answer on ASSISTments

April 23, 2019

ASSISTments features can help promote data conversations between teachers and students and bolster the shift toward students owning and acting on their own data.‍

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Helping Teachers Make the Most of Limited Time

March 15, 2019

How can EdTech tools be used to help teachers make the most of limited classroom time? Former teacher and ASSISTments team member Cindy Starks weighs in with her best recommendations.

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Introducing ASSISTments to Your Students Through our Practice Set

March 2, 2019

Are you ready to get started using the ASSISTments in your classroom? Before diving in, it can be helpful to try out our Practice Set to help your class get acclimated to the platform. The practice set is designed to help students explore problem types and progress reports they will encounter using ASSISTments. Happy practicing!

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EdTech That Helps Teachers Differentiate Complex Material

February 2, 2019

In middle school, concepts start to build on each other to form new, complex material. Since the concepts are all connected to each other, mastery of lower-level ideas is critical before students can move on to the next unit. North Carolina teacher describes how ASSISTments supports her teaching practice to differentiate and scaffold complex material.

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Using Symbols of Success to Inform Learning and Instruction

January 20, 2019

The Symbols of Success are a powerful tool that can allow students to track their own progress through immediate feedback. Hints and wrong answers can guide students toward the correct answer. Help your students transition from a focus on “right or wrong” to a focus on the learning journey!

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How to Smoothly Integrate EdTech into the Classroom

January 5, 2019

In addition to teaching students how to use ASSISTments and read the item reports, it is also important to teach students how to use ASSISTments to inform their learning. The goal of this training is to help students use their ASSISTments data to inform their learning progress rather than see it as a grade. This teaches students to own their own learning progress.

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Using Common Wrong Answers for Homework Review

November 4, 2016

Completing homework assignments allows students to practice their skills—and then receive feedback on their work from teachers. Based on student homework, teachers can assess how each student is performing independently outside of the context of the classroom. Teachers can make the most of Common Wrong Answers to support students during homework review sessions.

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