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ASSISTments is a free tool for math education that allows teachers to assign content from their curriculum online as a virtual enhancement to instruction. Students get immediate feedback and teachers get rich data insights to improve teaching and learning. Over 90% of our teachers assign content from curricula like Illustrative Math, EngageNY/Eureka Math, and Open Up.
I started ASSISTments alongside my husband, Neil, over 15 years ago after working as middle school math teachers. Calling Worcester Polytechnic Institute home, we’re obsessed with increasing student learning with methods that are proven to work. We believe deeply in high quality learning resources that are free and flexible. ASSISTments equips teachers with actionable data that helps plan lessons, maximize class time and ensure assignments really count. 

More than an edtech tool, we offer a wide array of professional learning and ways to get involved.
Christina Heffernan - Assistments - Formative Assessment Solutions