Professional Learning

Our professional learning opportunities are designed to support you with using ASSISTments as a bridge to effective math teaching practices. Whether you are just getting started or an advanced user, we have something that will bring you to the next level.

*Attribution: Photo by Allison Shelley for American Education: Images of Teachers and Students in Action. CC BY-NC 4.0

Join us for a Webinar

We offer a 2-part new user webinar series. Part 1 covers the essentials of using ASSISTments. Part 2 dives deeper into maximizing our data reports to inform instruction.
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Key Strategies for Launching a Successful PLC

August 7th at 11:00 AM EST

Join us for a dynamic 30-minute session to support your goal of launching an ASSISTments PLC.

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Teacher Corner

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User Resources

Explore our User Resources and FAQ for on-demand support to incorporate ASSISTments into your classroom practice.

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Our Professional Development follows these foundational principles:

Teachers learn best from other teachers
We seek to build community and elevate teacher voice in our programming.
There are multiple pathways to success
We encourage and aim to show case multiple ways of using ASSISTments and it’s flexibility to support different instructional models.
Teachers learn in progressions
Not all of our users are in the same place, and therefore one-size-fits all PD won’t work. We seek to design experiences that build on one another and meet the needs of all user levels.
Equity Is The Goal
We aim to support teachers with leveraging ASSISTments to hold high expectations and provide exceptional math learning opportunities to all students.
Assistments Is A Bridge To Evidence-Based Practice
We seek to highlight how ASSISTments reinforces effective math teaching practices and to support great instruction, as well as builds a growth mindset.