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Become an ASSISTments Certified Educator by completing our training modules and using ASSISTments regularly in your classroom. Certified Educators are awarded with an ASSISTments badge, complete professional development hours, and gain access to an exclusive community of teachers.

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Are There Any Prerequisites?

No. Anyone, no matter their current level of ASSISTments use, can become certified.

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What Is Required To Become Certified?

In order to be an ASSISTments Certified Educator, you must:


Complete end-of-module assessments
For modules 1-4, you must answer all questions and get 80% correct on multiple choice questions


Schedule a 15-minute 1:1 check-in at the mid-point
This will be an opportunity for us to get to know you and answer any questions you may have.


Submit one artifact to the Teacher Corner that showcases how you use ASSISTments in your classroom. You will submit this via the Module 5 Completion Form.


Create 15 assignments within ASSISTments, that 10 or more students complete, within the past month. We will verify this data in our system once you submit your Module 5 Completion Form


The Final Completion Form.

How Long Will It Take?

We estimate between 3-4 hours, but this will vary depending on how familiar you are with ASSISTments. For new or novice users, it may take 5-6 hours, as you will be learning a lot of new information! If you are an experienced user and already know everything in the module, you can skip ahead to the assessment. If you did this for every module, you could be done in an hour. It’s all self-paced and up to you!

Why Get Certified?

ASSISTments Certified Educators get awesome benefits. You will:

  • Gain knowledge that will help you be a better teacher and ASSISTments user
  • Display a digital ASSISTments Certified Educator badge to demonstrate your expertise at using this proven tool
  • Get automatic access to our Teachers for Research and Feedback community, where you will get first look at paid teacher leader opportunities with ASSISTments and early access to new features.

In addition to these benefits, becoming Certified makes you eligible for leadership opportunities with ASSISTments. These include:

  • Ambassadors: ASSISTments Ambassadors earn a stipend to promote ASSISTments and develop influencer and leadership skills
  • ASSISTments Certified Trainer: Certified trainers can be called on to provide virtual support to schools and districts using ASSISTments and get paid.

Is There A Cost?

No. Like ASSISTments, becoming an ASSISTments Certified Educator is always free!

How Long Is Certification Validation?

ASSISTments Certified Educator certifications are valid for 2 years from the date you receive your certification. At that time, you can again go through the certification process to become recertified.

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Welcome to ASSISTments Certified Educator Program!
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Module 1: What is ASSISTments?
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Module 2: Finding and Assigning Content in ASSISTments
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Module 3:  Interpreting ASSISTments Data Reports
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Module 4:  Using ASSISTments Data to Improve Student Learning
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Module 5: Final Steps to Becoming Certified

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