Become an ASSISTments Certified Educator by completing our training modules and using ASSISTments regularly in your classroom. Certified Educators are awarded with an ASSISTments badge, complete professional development hours, and gain access to an exclusive community of teachers.

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ARE THERE ANY PREREQUISITES? No. Anyone, no matter their current level of ASSISTments use, can become certified. The certification requirements will require anyone going through the program to work with ASSISTments in their classroom, so it may take new ASSISTments users a little longer to become certified.

WHAT IS REQUIRED TO BECOME CERTIFIED? In order to be an ASSISTments Certified Educator, you must complete:

  • 4 required assignments - each with an associated optional learning module
  • 1 advanced assignment of your choice - with an associated optional learning module
  • 1 online workshop
  • 25 assignments to 15+ students with a completion rate of 60% or better within ASSISTments
  • The final completion form

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE? That depends on your level of ASSISTments use and understanding. For beginners, we estimate 6-8 hours to complete the certification modules in addition to the classtime needed to meet the assignment requirement. For advanced users who have already completed the assignment requirement, we estimate 3-4 hours.


  • Becoming a certified ASSISTments educator will give you confidence in using ASSISTments and ensure that you know the way to get the most out of your use of ASSISTments in your class. 
  • Certification is the first step in becoming an ASSISTments Ambassador.
  • Certified educators will be some of the first users to find out about and help us to try out new features in ASSISTments, as they become available.
  • Displaying the ASSISTments certified educator badge shares your knowledge of a useful teaching resource for other teachers

IS THERE A COST? No. Like ASSISTments, becoming an ASSISTments Certified Educator is always free!

HOW LONG IS CERTIFICATION VALID? ASSISTments Certified Educator certifications are valid for 2 years from the date you receive your certification. At that time, you can again go through the certification process to become re-certified.


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