ASSISTments is dedicated to continuous, research-based improvement in education. Our platform was designed to deliver high-quality, free education tools to classrooms everywhere using developments in computer science and learning science.

The platform is open to researchers so they can study what works for students and how to improve learning. The goal is not just to improve the ASSISTments platform iteratively, but also to contribute to an understanding of how students learn and how they can learn better. Learn more about the ASSISTments features in development here and see below for select research projects.

Research on assistments

SRI International ran an independent study on the efficacy of ASSISTments. This study allowed ASSISTments to meet the highest What Works Clearinghouse standard for “positive effect without reservations” and to receive a Tier 1 rating by Evidence for ESSA. The study showed that with the use of ASSISTments:

  • Teachers targeted class time to student difficulties and errors
  • Students had significantly higher end-of-year mathematics achievement
  • Online homework had greater impact for students with low prior achievement

We ran a randomized controlled trial on two ASSISTments features: Skill Builders and Automatic Reassessment and Relearning System (ARRS). Skill Builders allows teachers to assign individual skills practice sets. ARRS automatically reassesses students on these skills, and assigns relearning Skill Builders to ensure they retain mastery of the skill set. Our study showed greater performance on those skills that were reassessed and relearned.

In this study, we put the ASSISTments platform to the test to understand the impact of artificial intelligence in education for web-based homework in comparison to traditional homework. We found that students learned reliably more in the web-based homework condition, even without the benefits of additional tutoring features such as hints and feedback messages.

research using assistments

E-TRIALS is a research platform that relies on ASSISTments data and infrastructure. Developed according to the principles of open science, the platform allows researchers to design their own experiments, share data, and build on the work of others. ASSISTments is committed to student privacy, and takes steps to ensure that users remain anonymous during the research process and that private data remains secure.

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