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Evidence-Based Practice Series

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Why adding choice to your lessons may improve student learning

Increasing student autonomy may result in increased engagement, self-esteem, satisfaction, and learning in your classroom.

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You’re Probably Already Using This Evidence Based Practice

Chances are you’re probably already using formative assessment in class. When you assign homework, quizzes, or projects you’re hitting one part of a process proven to impact student learning. Learn about this flexible 5-part process. It helps ensure instruction response to student needs.

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Immediate Feedback Matters. This Is Why.

Have you ever caught yourself wondering how much difference it would make for your students if you had more time to give thoughtful feedback? This is the second blog post in our series on Evidence-Based Instructional Practices that sheds light on teaching practices grounded in learning science.

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How to Make Ed Research Accessible to Teachers: Bridging the Gap between Learning Science and the Classroom

Through this first post in our Evidence-Based Practice blog series, we aim to shed light on instructional practices grounded in learning science principles and research evidence that teachers can apply in class.

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