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Building Success in Your Students' Mastery Skills with Skill Builders

Within the ASSISTments Teacher platform, there are a plethora of problems that can be adapted to your unique classroom instruction. As a former teacher of 10 years, I always valued Skill Builders as a great way to give students extra practice on a specific standard or skill. There are many ways that Skill Builders can be used in the classroom, but below are a few use cases to help you get started and find success in your students' mastery skills.

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Building Confidence in Students with Timed Assignments

You may think that timed assignments can increase math anxiety, but using a timer in your classroom can actually increase math performance in your students. To help prepare students for future testing and provide you with an opportunity to understand your students knowledge, ASSISTments has developed a new Assign Time feature!

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Keep Your Students on Track with ASSISTments

Skillbuilders in ElWanda McLaurin's Classroom

With school around the corner, how will you be staying organized throughout the year? Hear from ASSISTments Teacher, ElWanda McLaurin, as she shares how our FREE resource is keeping her classroom organized. ElWanda loves Skillbuilders and she has built an entire protocol around the Skillbuilders for her students! She really gets her students thinking about math with her Skillbuilder Reflection Sheet. Watch her video to see what else she has created.

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