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We are proudly able to distribute open source curricula that are released for free use under their respective Creative Commons licenses. See copyright notices for Illustrative Mathematics®, Open Up Resources™, EngageNY/Eureka Math® (trademarked by the Great Minds® company) and the Utah Middle School Math Project (trademarked by The University of Utah®)


1. create assignments

Teachers assign content from their favorite curriculum, textbook, or custom problems sets

2. Assist Students Through Immediate Feedback

Students receive immediate feedback and guidance on assignments

3. Assess Class Performance

Powerful data reports inform instruction by revealing performance analytics, common wrong answers, and skill gaps

4. Analyze answers together

Instruction and class time are targeted to student needs for maximum engagement and learning

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Students have solved 20,000,000+ problems this year

what teachers have to say

ASSISTments improves my mathematics homework. Students complete a higher percentage of assignments and care more about the quality of their work with immediate feedback. I love the rich data that I have to start my class. I write most of my own curriculum through ASSISTments which allows me to personalize the assignments to my classes and school.
William Hinkley
High School Math Teacher
What a wonderful tool!!!! You can use the skill builders to give additional review for your students or for RTI students. When you use the homework component, you receive a wonderful report that can help guide your instruction. You also have the power to build any assignment that will work for you and you get wonderful and instant feedback on how the students do.
Roland Dube
Middle School Math Teacher
Everything in math builds upon itself and students need proficiency with concepts from earlier years in order to be successful with our 8th grade curriculum. ASSISTments provides the platform to review these older concepts and helps identify students who require more review. ASSISTments then provides students with additional practice problems in conjunction with tutoring to support their learning.
Courtney Mulcahy
Middle School Math Teacher
I really like that my struggling students can get real time help from the videos I make and attach to their practice problems. Additionally, I can collect data about the types of problems my students are having success with and those with which they continue to struggle. Consequently, their homework informs my instruction and makes it more efficient and targeted to the needs of my students.
Jullie Snyder
Middle School Math Teacher
You know how you have kids who are clearly behind in their prerequisite skills and you need to do something about it? Based upon my kids' prerequisite assessments, I used the data to drive which kids got assigned which skillbuilders so they were practicing the skills they needed.
Jessica rudolph
High School Math Teacher
While using ASSISTments, I have seen a considerable increase in the quality work and the depth of their mathematical understanding. I believe that this is due to the fact that my students are getting immediate and quality feedback from and through the ASSISTments platform.
Victoria Snellgrove
Middle School Math Teacher
I really like that ASSISTments allows for quick assessment of my students' learning of a particular concept, the ability to check homework in a timely manner, and how it allows me to give immediate feedback to my students while decreasing the amount of time I spend grading.
Lena Zaludek
Middle School Math Teacher
ASSISTments gives me a stronger understanding of what my students do and do not understand (since many won’t ask questions in class). Students benefit by not only getting used to a tech platform for answering math questions, similar to state standardized tests, but also by getting better at communicating mathematics through open response questions to which I then provide them valuable feedback.
Donna Avery
Middle School Math Teacher
I really like that I can see which students have completed their work, how long it took them, what they struggled with and how they did on the assignment. I am prepared for the next class to either move forward or review certain topics that students need more work on. I like that ASSISTments gives my students an opportunity to explain their work digitally, which helps with our standardized tests.
Jenn Eichorn
Middle School Math Teacher

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