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Teacher Spotlight: Cathryn Shupert
August 5, 2022

With ASSISTments, Cathryn has seen her students’ confidence in their mathematical understanding and reflection skills grow.

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Keep Your Students on Track with ASSISTments
August 1, 2022

ASSISTments Teacher, ElWanda McLaurin shares insights about how ASSISTments helps keep her students (and herself!) on track.

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Tech Can’t Teach but it Can Help with Feedback
June 14, 2022

The pandemic illustrated that technology cannot replace teaching. Still, when it comes to formative assessment, a proven instructional method, there’s a lot tech can do to aid teachers and help accelerate learning.

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ASSISTments online math program helps teachers save time, students become better learners
June 10, 2022

Read how ASSISTments helps teachers and students from the perspective of a sixth grade math teacher in this post by WickedLocal!

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The Benefits of Using ASSISTments with Paper and Pencil
June 1, 2022

When students show their work, it allows teachers to visualize their thought process when working through a problem. The visual feedback gives the teacher the opportunity to understand learning gaps of each student and formulate a plan to fill those learning gaps. Working with paper and pencil can also increase scores by 13 points compared to their peers. Read on to learn how.

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Ten Teams Move onto the Pilot Phase - X-Prize
April 6, 2022

In March 2021, XPRIZE launched the $1M Digital Learning Challenge to modernize, accelerate, and improve effective learning tools, processes and outcomes. ASSISTments is one of the ten Pilot Phase teams.

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5 Practices that Support an Equitable and Inclusive Math Classroom
April 1, 2022

ASSISTments is here to help teachers meet the needs of all students. Teachers can ensure that they are leveraging ASSISTments to support an equitable and inclusive classroom environment by implementing our recommendations.

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The key to better edtech is better feedback - Smart Brief
March 29, 2022

As we return to in-person instruction, edtech can settle back into a more suitable role to supplement and enhance instruction, while, at the same time, drawing some important lessons from the pandemic experience.

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To improve ed tech, focus on feedback - District Administration
March 24, 2022

Automated feedback can supplement in-person instruction by making teachers’ jobs easier while personalizing student experience.

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We’ve Moved Our Assessments
March 7, 2022

In an effort to make assessments easier to find in our content library, we have put all available assessments for Illustrative Mathematics, Open Up Resources, and Eureka Math (EngageNY) into their associated unit/module folders. As an example, the unit 1 folder for Illustrative Math now contains the unit 1 assessment.

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Supporting Student Success on End of Year Tests
March 1, 2022

ASSISTments teacher, Dawn Peterson reflects on what she does to prepare her students for end of the year testing. Learn how she integrates test preparation without compromising her regular classroom routine.

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Heffernan: Some Say the U.S. Has Lost the AI Race to China, but There’s Still Time to Catch Up — If We Start Teaching Data Science & Literacy in Schools - The 74
February 7, 2022

American students are being left behind and outpaced by competitors like China. But [there is] the opportunity to change the way we teach math in order to help our children achieve prosperous futures.

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Featured Partner - Yup
February 4, 2022

The ASSISTments team is excited to highlight our partnership with “math teacher multiplier,” Yup. Through this partnership, students in participating teachers’ classrooms can access expert live chat tutoring with the click of a button within their ASSISTments assignment, giving them that extra support they need to achieve success.

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Supporting Diverse Learners with ASSISTments
February 1, 2022

The practice of formative assessment establishes a culture of excellence in the classroom rooted in co-facilitated learning and expertly crafted lessons that accommodate the needs of all learners. Learn how ASSISTments, in partnership with the Louisiana Department of Education, can provide you with rich data insights so you can uncover your students’ needs and level of understanding. This data can also be shared with your students, empowering them to take ownership of their own learning.

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