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Using ASSISTments to Promote Positive Learning Mindsets
November 1, 2021

We’ve all been there, convinced that we are ‘never going to get it’. We’ve seen it in ourselves as we wonder what we can do to help our students who think they’re “just bad at math”. ASSISTments is here to help you build a positive classroom that provides every student with the chance to be good at math with our student supports and data. Find out how in this blog by Brian Story.

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ASSISTments has partnered with Open Up Resources!
October 26, 2021

We are excited to highlight our partnership with Open Up Resources! You now have access to all of the available student-facing materials in both the Open Up Resources 6-8 and Open Up High School Mathematics curricula. This content is available to assign through ASSISTments (for free) and provides students with immediate feedback as they work. You'll also receive real-time data to help: save you time, target instruction, and to support serving a diverse group of learners.

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Understanding Test Mode in ASSISTments
October 14, 2021

Teachers should be in the driver seat of instructional decisions, and have flexibility in how they use our tool. To that end, we are excited to offer the ability to deliver assignments in Test Mode. Read this blog to learn more as well as to see how it affects the student experience and the assignment report.

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How Louisiana is Using ASSISTments to Address Unfinished Learning
September 28, 2021

Each year, teachers across the country are faced with the challenge of addressing unfinished learning. The ongoing COVID-19 crisis makes that task even more difficult. But in Louisiana, addressing unfinished learning is particularly precarious. Learn what teachers are going through within the Accelerate initiative, in partnership with ASSISTments and the Lousiana Department of Education.

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Accelerate Math with Louisiana Department of Education and ASSISTments
September 21, 2021

ASSISTments and the Louisiana Department of Education have teamed up to provide educators with additional acceleration resources to help address students’ unfinished math learning.

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3 Tips on Creating a Positive Learning Environment with ASSISTments
August 31, 2021

No matter what this Fall looks like, students will need a positive classroom environment that is safe for learning. Even if students enter the classroom academically behind, you can create a classroom environment that helps them get their confidence in math back and set them on track for success. Use these three tips to help.

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Supporting student learning in mathematics with CenterPoint's Fresh Start Screener
August 17, 2021

CenterPoint’s Fresh Start Screener in mathematics is now available through ASSISTment’s platform. The Fresh Start Screener helps teachers evaluate student understanding of content taught in the prior grade, gauge areas of strengths and unfinished learning, and chart their path forward. 

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Three Classroom Challenges (and Solutions!) to Help Orchestrate Student Discussions
July 20, 2021

Three teachers share the challenges and solutions they've implemented in the classroom to help build community, encourage students to make meaningful contributions, and amplify student voice.

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Challenge Turned Opportunity: Using ASSISTments to Increase Engagement
July 13, 2021

Jenni Birrell was teaching both live virtually via Zoom and using recorded lessons posted to Canvas. She found it incredibly challenging to assess students during that time; until she realized that student engagement was still one of the most critical components of teaching and learning, no matter the format.

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Teachers For Research & Feedback (TFRF) Researcher Spotlight: Avery Closser
June 22, 2021

This month, we shine a light on Avery Closser, a Ph.D. Candidate in Learning Sciences & Technologies at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. She speaks to us about her work with ASSISTments.

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The ASSISTments Beta Journey - Initial Thoughts from Teachers
May 11, 2021

See what’s new in the Fresh New Look, an updated version of ASSISTments. As well as read first impressions from two teachers who are putting it into practice in their own classrooms.

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Providing Students with High-Quality Individualized Feedback
May 4, 2021

Check out Ms. Owens experience on how ASSISTments can support teachers in providing high-quality individualized feedback to students.

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The Case for Equity in Education
April 27, 2021

Melissa Swan goes over a brief history of inequity in education and discusses how the Culturally Responsive Teaching method can help address racial injustices in America.

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Teachers For Research & Feedback (TFRF) Researcher Spotlight: Anthony Botelho
April 16, 2021

This month, we shine a light on Anthony Botelho, Research Scientist at Worcester Polytechnic Institute who has been working on the federally funded project focused on helping teachers provide meaningful feedback to their students more efficiently, known as QUICK-Comments.

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