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Intervention with Precision

ASSISTments Tutor powers learning acceleration for schools by supporting tutors with real-time learning data from core instruction they can use to target tutoring time for each student.
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The ASSISTments Teacher Academy provides on-demand video-based learning modules to support your ASSISTments implementation. These just-in-time-learning modules cover topics such as the basics of getting started, assigning content, and interpreting learning data, as well as ways to leverage ASSISTments to facilitate mathematical discussions.

We recommend beginning with Module 1 and following the sequence, but jumping ahead is helpful to learn a specific skill or best practice.

Please get in touch with your School Success Manager with questions.

Module 1

Getting Started with ASSISTments

Learn how the ASSISTments Academy is structured and why teachers choose ASSISTments.
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Module 2

Foundations for Success

Learn the basics of using ASSISTments and how to analyze ASSISTments data to support student learning.
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Module 3

Assigning Content

Learn how to leverage our Assign-Time Options to flexibly deliver ASSISTments assignments to fit your needs.
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Module 4

Customize the Student Experience

Learn how to customize the hints and explanations found in ASSISTments for your students.
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Module 5

Using ASSISTments Data to Inform Instruction

Learn how to quickly and efficiently leverage ASSISTments data to provide the just-in-time supports students need to be successful.
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