Using the ASSISTments Practice Set

When introducing ASSISTments to a class for the first time, it can be helpful to use a practice set that is designed to have the students explore the different types of problems and numbers they will encounter while using ASSISTments. They will also get a chance at the end of the practice set to view their own individual report. Each problem in this practice set gives directions on how they should answer the question: correct the first time (green check), correct the second time (green x), exhausting the partial credit (red x), and using a hint (red x with yellow background).

Symbols of Success

These symbols allow the teacher and students to see patterns in the responses for the class. The problem can be found in this folder:

When implementing this in your classroom for the first time you may want to do each question together as a class so you can explain the differences with each question, or you may want students to do the questions independently to read the directions carefully.  

As a warning before you view the item report with students, you should explain to them that if they followed the directions correctly they will have scored a 66% on the assignment. Remember the goal of this problem set is to learn how ASSISTments works, the different types of questions that they will encounter, and types of feedback.  Below is a sample of an assignment report generated after students do the Learning ASSISTments Practice Set.  

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