Introducing ASSISTments to Your Students Through our Practice Set

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Are you ready to get started using the ASSISTments in your classroom? Before diving in, it can be helpful to try out our Practice Set to help your class get acclimated to the platform. The practice set is designed to help students explore problem types and progress reports they will encounter using ASSISTments. 

Students will also get a chance at the end of the practice set to view their own individual report. Check out our symbols of success so you and your students can better understand the types of immediate feedback that they will receive, and what will show up on your assignment reports! Below is an example of the type of assignment report you’ll receive, which you’ll use to understand common wrong answers, student and class progress, and skill areas to focus on in class:

The practice set is flexible to your needs in the classroom. You may choose to try the practice set with students during class time to explain the differences with each question. Or, you can assign the practice set to your students to work on independently.  

If students followed the directions, they will have scored 66% on the assignment. Remember, the goal of this problem set is to learn how ASSISTments works, the different types of questions that they will encounter, and types of feedback. So that means correct answers, incorrect answers, and answers receiving partial credit for a total score of 66%. 

Happy Practicing!

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