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Join the 6th Grade Mathematics Study about Mixed Review!

We are seeking 6th grade math teachers who use Eureka/EngageNY as their core math curriculum to participate in this pilot study happening this Spring 2023. All participating teachers will receive up to $600, as a thank you for their time completing study activities.

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Online Math Help That Works

ASSISTments, an educational platform developed by WPI researchers, uses immediate feedback in math formative assessments to improve learning outcomes.

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5 Simple Tips for Getting Started with ASSISTments

When introducing a new classroom tool, sometimes the biggest challenge is in making sure our students see the value in using it. We understand and we’ve got your back!

Jump into ASSISTments with confidence using these quick tips for communicating and working with ASSISTments.

Tip #1: Scoring vs. Grading

Message to students and parents that the score from ASSISTments will not be used as a grade. You can modify and send our parent letter template to support this outreach.

Parent Letter Template - Assistments - Formative Assessment Solutions - Image

Tip #2:  Showing Your Work Shows Your Thinking

Create a system that ensures students show their work.  You can try using the printable .doc and interactive/virtual .ppt  versions of our Student Reflection Form.


Student reflection form - Assistments - Formative Assessment Solutions - Image


Tip #3:  Try Before You “Buy”

Make the first assignments low-stakes so students can get to know the system.  You can try using our Student Practice Assignments! (These assignments are located in a folder at the bottom of the Content Library in your ASSISTments account) Learn more about how to use these Practice Assignments here.


Student practice assignment - Assistments - Formative Assessment Solutions - Image


Tip #4:  Be a Model

Model a clear protocol for open response questions (e.g. upload a picture, use an online drawing tool, take a screenshot).  Many teachers show the Open Response Student Tutorial to their students.


Open response video tutorial- Assistments - Formative Assessment Solutions - Image

‍Tip #5: Data Discussions will Drive Engagement

Start reviewing assignment data from Day 1.  Build this habit early!  You can check out this video of an ASSISTments teacher reviewing data remotely.

Assignment report view - Assistments - Formative Assessment Solutions - Image

‍Once you get started, you’ll wonder how you ever taught math without ASSISTments! We’d love to hear from you - email us ( with questions or stories from you classroom.

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