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Teacher Corner

Welcome to the Teacher Corner!  Here, teachers can find useful artifacts, blog posts, and videos generated by other teachers to inspire and deepen their own instructional practices around using ASSISTments.

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Artifacts from our classrooms

Artifacts generated by experienced ASSISTments users to help you integrate ASSISTments into your classroom. Sharing your artifacts and tips is one of many ways to Get Involved.

Kim Josey
7th Grade Math Teacher
North Carolina

My top ASSISTments tip: Have meaningful discussions with students about the data the produce.

Artifact: Student Reflection Sheet
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Students can use this sheet, along with their ASSISTments Student Report, to reflect on their answers after finishing a problem set.

Andrew Burnett
7th Grade Math Teacher

My top ASSISTments tip: Be consistent with your use of the platform. Students will take the use of ASSISTments seriously if you use it regularly.

Artifact: Assignment Report Review
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Watch this video to see how I interpret the ASSISTments Assignment Report with my students.

Teacher Voices on the blog

Blog posts written by experienced ASSISTments users which share tips and ideas for leveraging ASSISTments in your classroom. Visit the blog for more perspectives.

Getting the Best Start with Students and Families in Class and From a Distance

Schools are in session within a classroom, completely online, or a hybrid of both. How do you keep up with the paradigm shift? What will it take to get ahead? Three teachers who joined our August webinar 'Getting the Best Start With Students and Families In Class and From a Distance' give their response.

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A Gradeless Classroom for Distance or In-Person Learning

See how Andrew Burnett uses ASSISTments and the other tools in his edtech toolbox to enhance his instructional practice. Andrew Burnett is a 7th Grade Math Teacher in Newton, Massachusetts. He is an ASSISTments Ambassador who has been using the program as a tool for formative assessment in his classroom since 2008.

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Classroom Demos

Videos showing ASSISTments teachers in action. See how they implement ASSISTments and analyze data in their classrooms. Check out our Webinar Library for even more video content.

Helping Students Track Their Own Progress

See how Ms. Cyr uses ASSISTments to encourage her students to track their own progress.

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Warmups with ASSISTments

See how Mr. Broaddus gets his students warmed up for class with ASSISTments.

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Teacher Toolkit

This month, we’ve curated resources for Differentiating for Diverse Learner Needs. See all user resources for more training and support.

Overview of Different Content within ASSISTments
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Distance Learning with the ASSISTments-Canvas Integration

Figuring out how to teach with ASSISTments at a distance? Learn how to maximize the ASSISTments-Canvas Integration.

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Distance Learning with the ASSISTments-Google Classroom Integration

Figuring out how to teach with ASSISTments at a distance? Learn how to maximize the ASSISTments-Google Classroom Integration.

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Student Reflection Template
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Providing students a structured way to show their work and reflect on the data can be a useful scaffold during their learning. Check out this student reflection template, created by 7th grade teacher Kim Josey.

Differentiating for Diverse Learners

The impact of distance learning has not hit communities equitably. At a time when access to technology has become a must-have for learning to continue, there continues to be a digital divide along race, socioeconomic and geographic lines. Read more to find out how ASSISTments provides support for teachers.

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EdTech That Helps Teachers Differentiate Complex Material

In middle school, concepts start to build on each other to form new, complex material. This North Carolina teacher describes how ASSISTments supports her teaching practice to differentiate and scaffold complex material.

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