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Welcome to the Teacher Corner!  Here, teachers can find useful artifacts, blog posts, and videos generated by other teachers to inspire and deepen their own instructional practices around using ASSISTments.

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Artifacts generated by experienced ASSISTments users to help you integrate ASSISTments into your classroom.
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Katy St. George
Grade 7/8 Math Teacher.
Milford, NH
ASSISTments Teacher Story from the Field: Providing Opportunities for Students to Analyze ASSISTments Data
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In this video, learn how you can use specific ASSISTments data from the Student Details Report to facilitate whole class discussions with students in a virtual setting.

Nicola Scheib
Grade 7 Math Teacher
Coventry, RI
Modeling Clear Protocol for Answering Open Response Questions
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This video demonstrates how teachers can create their own personalized resources to support routines around a common challenge: students submitting work for open response questions.

Featured Teacher Voices From the blog

Blog posts written by experienced ASSISTments users which share tips and ideas for leveraging ASSISTments in your classroom.
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The Digital Classroom: How ASSISTments Can Help

Reflecting on the teaching practices, engagement strategies, and technology tools utilized in the transition to virtual/hybrid learning; high school teacher Emily McDonald maps out some opportunities and challenges that educators can take with them for the next school year.

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The ASSISTments Beta Journey - Initial Thoughts from Teachers

See what’s new in the Fresh New Look, an updated version of ASSISTments. As well as read first impressions from two teachers who are putting it into practice in their own classrooms.

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Featured Classroom Demos

Videos showing ASSISTments teachers in action. See how they implement ASSISTments and analyze data in their classrooms. See all classroom demos or check out our Webinar Library for even more video content.

Warmups with ASSISTments

See how Mr. Broaddus gets his students warmed up for class with ASSISTments.

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Open Response Questions

See how Ms. Delaney uses ASSISTments for open response questions.

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Teacher Toolkit

This month, we’ve curated resources for Looking Ahead: Making the most of ASSISTments' Fresh New Look. See all user resources for more training and support.

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Tour of the Fresh New Look

Learn all about the features, views, and functionality now available at your fingertips as an ASSISTments teacher.

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Modeling Clear Protocol for Answering Open Response Questions
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In this resource, Nicola Scheib addresses the challenge students face with submitting work to open response questions in a virtual/hybrid setting.

5 Things I Wish I Knew as a First Year Teacher

Recently, there has been a lot of time for middle school teacher Alfons Prince to reflect on where the field of education is at and where it can go. This post contains the top five things he wishes he knew when he began.

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