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The ASSISTments Advantage

With the ASSISTments Advantage schools receive data insights and instructional support they need to maximize the impact of ASSISTments school-wide

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Enhance implementation of your core math curriculum with ASSISTments data and support.


Shape and support a culture where formative data is at the heart of learning


Drive school-wide improvements in teaching and learning


Empower your school's educators to leverage data insights to take action


Maximize the impact of your core math curriculum


The Final Completion Form.

Bring the impact of ASSISTments school-wide

Why ASSISTments?

We are a math practice and assessment tool proven to impact student math achievement with a Tier 1 rating from evidence for ESSA. 

  • Easily assign online from Illustrative Math, EngageNY, Eureka Math and Open Up Resources
  • Empowers teachers to target class instruction, monitor learning and intervene quickly to keep students on track
  • Teachers save time, with automatic grading and actionable data reports.
  • Students receive immediate feedback and additional supports

The Advantage aligns to Title I, II, Title IV, and ESSR funding. Click here to learn more about why the Advantage meets the requirements for these funding sources.

What Schools Get

This data was compiled from a pilot program currently in process. The date range for assignments is August - November 2021.

Insights Hub
School-wide data dashboards with trends by grade-level, teacher or class
School Support
Dedicated school success manager to support successful launch and implementation
Instructional Support
Live and asynchronous capacity building for teachers and instructional leaders to be successful with ASSISTments

Insights Hub

School-wide data dashboard with trends by grade-level, teacher or class

School Experience Snapshot

Success Planning
Insights Hub Workshops
Instructional Leader Coaching

Teacher Experience Snapshot

Teacher Workshops
On Demand Learning Hub
Teacher Mentoring

Is the ASSISTments Advantage right for your school?

If your school fits the below criteria, then the ASSISTments Advantage is ideal for you

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