High Impact Tutoring with ASSISTments

ASSISTments is partnered with the Louisiana Department of Education to accelerate math learning through tutoring intervention tools and customized professional learning services.

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Our Partnership

During the 21-22 School Year, pilot schools in Louisiana received access to instructional support, custom data reports and content within ASSISTments that directly support the state’s model for Learning Acceleration.
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How It Works


Teachers assign curriculum-aligned diagnostics to assess mastery of prerequisite skills needed to be successful with grade-level content


Tutors access real-time data from tier 1 instruction for their students to plan data-driven effective sessions


Tutors meet with students one-on-one or in small groups, and provide support directly connected to grade-level content


Tutors assign exit tickets that assess mastery of pre-requisite skills and readiness for grade-level learning

Professional Learning Services

Tailored specifically to meet the needs of schools, our training and support offerings build capacity and advance math learning with practical strategies.

Our Impact

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7226 students served

267 teachers assigning

964 assignments completed

Award 1

95% satisfaction rating for professional services

20% increase in student performance when used consistently*
*This data was compiled from a pilot program currently in process. The date range for assignments is August - November 2021.

When used consistently within ASSISTments, the Acceleration Cycle, on average has resulted in a 20% increase on student performance.*

This data was compiled from a pilot program currently in process. The date range for assignments is August - November 2021.

This data was compiled from a pilot program currently in process. The date range for assignments is August - November 2021.

Resources for Louisiana Educators

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What is available to Louisiana Educators?

ASSISTments has all of the available LDOE Accelerate resources in our platform, for grades 3-12, aligned to Illustrative Math and Eureka Math. In the LDOE Acceleration Resources folder in our Content Library, you’ll find readiness diagnostics and tutoring exit tickets aligned to Eureka Math and Illustrative Mathematics for grades 1-8, Algebra I, and Geometry, crafted by the Louisiana Department of Education. You can see the full list of available content here and a description of this content here.

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What is required to use ASSISTments Accelerate Resources?

Math teachers grades 3-12, using Illustrative Math or Eureka Math, can benefit from using ASSISTments to support Accelerate. To begin, teachers must have 1) a Google Classroom or Institutional Canvas account and 2) have a verified ASSISTments teacher account.

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How do I get started?

To begin accelerating math learning with ASSISTments simply create an account and follow the steps below:

  • IDENTIFY the next module/unit you will be teaching
  • FIND the LDOE Acceleration Resources folder and ASSIGN the readiness diagnostic aligned to that module/unit
  • ANALYZE the Standards View and pinpoint students for tutoring intervention
  • DELIVER just-in-time, curriculum-aligned support
  • ASSESS student progress using tutoring exit tickets
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What training and support resources are available?

Below are recordings of on-demand training and resources available. If you are interested in learning more about custom support services for your school or district, get in touch!

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Where can I find the these standards-aligned assessment tools?

Click here to see! - this link directs visitors to the How ASSISTments supports high-impact tutoring and learning acceleration in Louisiana section to see the show-n-tell gifs

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Can Accelerate be replicated in my school or district?

Absolutely!  When you schedule a consultation with our acceleration specialist, your current program will be assessed and recommendations will be provided to help you establish a model that moves students forward.

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