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Building Confidence in Students with Timed Assignments

You may think that timed assignments can increase math anxiety, but using a timer in your classroom can actually increase math performance in your students. To help prepare students for future testing and provide you with an opportunity to understand your students knowledge, ASSISTments has developed a new Assign Time feature!

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What's New (in two!) 2023

Take a look at what’s new! At the end of the year we shared some exciting news about changes we’re making to the student experience, now you can see it for yourself.

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Accelerate Math with Louisiana Department of Education and ASSISTments

ASSISTments and the Louisiana Department of Education have teamed up to provide educators with additional acceleration resources to help address students’ unfinished math learning, which has been amplified as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.  

Building on our initial work this year; ASSISTments has created the LDOE Acceleration Resources content folder, which houses readiness diagnostics and tutoring exit tickets crafted by Louisiana teachers and the Louisiana Department of Education.  These assessments are a part of the Accelerate Initiative, Louisiana’s Pre-K through high school tutoring strategy.

Teachers can use the readiness diagnostics to understand student knowledge of prerequisite standards before teaching a grade-level module from Eureka Math or unit from Illustrative Mathematics, and provide students with Just-In-Time support to engage successfully with upcoming lessons..  Tutoring exit tickets are then administered to measure student growth and monitor progress of prerequisite standard mastery, effectively accelerating math learning.

We are excited to announce that Louisiana’s readiness diagnostics and tutoring exit tickets can be found in the LDOE Acceleration Resources content folder and are available to educators nationwide.  Click here to see a list of all Louisiana Department of Education Accelerate Content in ASSISTments.  

Interested in bringing Louisiana’s Accelerate initiative as supported by ASSISTments to your school? Click here.