3 Reasons to Use ASSISTments Tutor as an Intervention

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As we continue to work through the educational challenges that pandemic-related learning recovery presents, high dosage tutoring continues to be at the forefront of strategies to help students accelerate their learning. Accelerated learning is a strategy that attempts to keep moving students forward while shoring up skills and content they may have lost in previous grades. ASSISTments Tutor, our learning science-based tutoring program, facilitates learning acceleration for schools by supporting tutors with technology, training, and data-driven feedback. It is important to note that ASSISTments Tutor can support tutors of all kinds, such as  interventionist, paraprofessionals, support staff, or teachers during differentiation/small group instruction time. The platform is able to assist novice and experienced teachers and tutors with real-time learning data from core instruction. When in-the-moment learning data are used to target tutoring during classroom intervention time, each session is more effective and impactful. This gives students a greater chance of reaching their math academic achievement goals.

Below are three reasons ASSISTments Tutor is a reliable intervention solution that can be added to your classroom instruction:

  1. ASSISTments Tutor is aligned to core instruction and is standards-based

Research suggests that when tutoring is aligned to classroom core instruction achievement rates are higher whether the goal be remediation or acceleration. Another added benefit is that student and teacher engagement with the tutoring process tend to be higher. Moreover, when tutoring is aligned to common academic standards, it ensures that students are receiving the depths of knowledge associated with the grade-level content.   

  1. ASSISTments Tutor’s formative assessments enable teachers to gather student data in real-time

The formative assessment process is a deliberate instructional method that provides in-the-moment actionable feedback teachers use to adjust teaching and learning strategies. It is a proven strategy for improving students' attainment of curricular learning targets/goals. The ASSISTments Tutor platform makes formative assessments and student “data chats” an integral part of the classroom culture. Both of these tools are known to be established as best practices in teaching and learning. 

  1. ASSISTments Tutor supports small group instruction and differentiated instruction

Teachers are able to use data to create effective student groups based on student needs according to their most recent data reports. The platform provides remediation on previous grade-level skills while continuing to strengthen current content at-grade level. ASSISTments Tutor provides “intervention with precision”!

What’s Next? Learn More About How ASSISTments Tutor Can Meet Your Intervention Needs

Let’s work together to close the math achievement gap and increase student math confidence levels. Read more about our approach and get in touch with us to schedule a conversation

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