Dr. Denise Barrett

Tutoring Program and Partnerships Manager

Denise is a professional educator who has successfully worked as an educational leader, teacher, and project manager for over twenty-five years. She is passionate about her life’s purpose; which is empowering others to become successful through education, mentoring and self-love. She has a proven track record for successful implementation of impactful educational initiatives and programs, with significant experience addressing the needs of underserved student populations.

To support the reach and impact of our work, her role at ASSISTments is to lead the expansion of our tutoring product and programming by developing and growing strategic partnerships with organizations related to K-12 math tutoring. Her responsibilities also include collaborating with our product and program teams to shape the direction of our tutoring product and aligned services.

My goal is to create equity in education by providing high quality, impactful products and services that support math education for all students through ASSISTments.
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ASSISTments: Enhancing Tutoring to Meet Math Needs of all Students

At ASSISTments, one of our primary goals is to research and develop innovative technologies and practices that can help improve student learning while also leaving a lasting impact on student success. To support our goals, we are currently researching the effects of high-dosage tutoring that is directly aligned to classroom instruction through multiple school-based pilots.

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