Content Updates: Eureka Math Acceleration Tools & Unit Assessments

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We are excited to share two updates to our content related to Eureka Math. Last year ASSISTments users created 300,000 assignments with Eureka (also known as EngageNY). These updates will further support you with delivering great instruction in class and remotely using ASSISTments.

Update 1: New Acceleration Tools

We have added Eureka Acceleration Tools developed by the Louisiana Department of Education for grades 4-8, and for Algebra I. These diagnostic assessments can be used to help determine misunderstandings or gaps in mathematical knowledge related to specific prioritized topics in the Eureka curriculum.  As described in their accompanying guide: The Eureka Acceleration Tools aim to help teachers who use the Eureka curriculum to ensure readiness for students before and while approaching on-grade-level work, creating opportunities for timely support directly connected to the new learning.

These tools are made even more powerful by ASSISTments. The platform will auto-score the majority of questions within the diagnostic, providing both students and teachers rapid data that supports learning.

Visit the Louisiana Department of Education website for additional guidance, and check out the actual content in ASSISTments here.

Update 2: Use Test Mode or Formative Mode for Eureka Assessments

We now offer all Eureka/EngageNY unit assessments in test mode and formative mode. You will see these two options within ASSISTments (See image below). Test mode will mimic an online testing environment, whereas formative includes the additional scaffolds (multiple attempts, immediate feedback) signature to ASSISTments. To learn more about the differences, check out our FAQ.

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