How is test mode different from how I have assigned in the past?

Test Mode and Practice Mode in ASSISTments serve distinct instructional goals.  As a result of these differences, the student experience and resulting data reports will look different in Test Mode and it’s important for teachers to understand these differences.

The Student Experience

When completing an assignment in Test Mode, students will not receive any immediate feedback as they enter answers, and will not be able to access any hints, explanations (when available) or the “Show Answer” button. Students will not be allowed multiple attempts. In short, the experience is similar to a traditional summative test. 

The Assignment Report

Assigning in Test Mode will also impact the scoring of the assignment. In Practice Mode, in addition to getting it right on the first try (100%), students are given partial credit (67%, 33%) for getting it correct eventually. In Test Mode, students will be limited to receiving a score of 100% or 0%, as there will only be one attempt. In the resulting assignment report, you will see that students either answered correctly (green) or incorrectly (pink). Assignments in test mode will only show orange if an open response is scored less than 100%.

Click here to read more about assigning in Test Mode.

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