Dr. Anthony Botelho

Assistant Professor, University of Florida

Anthony focuses on developing educational technologies for teachers and students, and conducting research to improve learning. He has a PhD in Learning Science and Technologies as well as a Master’s degree in Computer Science and has been working with the ASSISTments team since 2014. He strives to empower teachers through technology and support data-driven instruction in the classroom. Similarly, he seeks to understand how to best help students learn, so as to develop better interventions and instructional practices.

Technology is where my interests lie and education what I am passionate about.
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How is ASSISTments supporting student growth through teacher feedback?

Get a sneak peek at the many tools and features within ASSISTments focused on improving and promoting various forms of feedback - and more currently in development.

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Meet the Team: Dr. Anthony Bothelo

Dr. Botelho is a research scientist with the ASSISTments lab. Before his PhD, Anthony completed his undergraduate in Interactive Media at Becker College and his Masters in Computer Science at WPI.

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