Cindy Starks

Product Owner

Cindy helps to find, organize and coordinate teachers for the research projects taking place at the ASSISTments Project @ WPI. She also manages user support, quality assurance, testing of the ASSISTments product, and the coordination and facilitatation of new features and new release versions of ASSISTments. Cindy developed and currently leads the Teachers for Research & Feedback community. She graduated college with a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Connecticut and worked in software development and technology for many years; holding positions as an engineer, technical evangelist, technical trainer, and product manger. She also is the holder of a Master's degree in Education from Lesley University and taught 6th grade math for 10 years.

Working at ASSISTments allows me to combine my love of technology, engineering and teaching for an edtech company with a passion for helping teachers and moving math education forward for all students.
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