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News & Announcements

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Find Your Math Curriculum

We are proudly able to distribute open source curricula that are released for free use under their respective Creative Commons licenses. See copyright notices for Illustrative Mathematics®, Open Up Resources™, EngageNY/Eureka Math® (trademarked by the Great Minds® company) and the Utah Middle School Math Project (trademarked by The University of Utah®)

4 Simple Steps To Increasing Math Learning

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Step 1: Create Assignments.

Assign problem sets from the curricula and textbooks you’re already using in class, like Illustrative Math, Engage NY and Pearson.

Step 2: Assist students through immediate feedback.

Students receive hints and explanations to assist their understanding as they complete their assignments. We’re not about right or wrong - we’re about feedback.

Step 3: Assess class performance.

Teachers get real-time assignment reports detailing student and class performance, plus common wrong answers and other rich insights. You’ll know exactly where students need support before they even enter the classroom.

Step 4: Analyze answers together.

Class time becomes more effective, because teachers can focus instruction where students need it. Homework and classwork flow seamlessly into instruction of new material. See it in action in Kim Kelly’s math classroom.

Integrate Your Learning Management System

Sign in with your Google Classroom or Canvas account to get started using ASSISTments.

ASSISTments believes in Equity.

We've put together a statement that embodies our beliefs and how we are working to improve our impact.

Read our Equity Statement

30,000,000+ problems solved this year...

by 500,000 students and 20,000 teachers

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in 50 states and 20+ countries.

Studies have shown proven gains in math learning with regular use.


ASSISTments Was Developed With Learning Science Principles At Its Core, And We’re Obsessed With Increasing Student Learning With Methods Proven To Work.

An experiment conducted by SRI International to test ASSISTments’ efficacy showed 75% more learning in classrooms using ASSISTments when compared to the learning that normally happens in a year. The experiment randomized schools to either use ASSISTments or continue their regular methods.

There were three findings: first, teachers who used ASSISTments reliably changed their classroom practices; second, students reliably scored higher on a standardized test; third, ASSISTments began to close the achievement gap: students below the median on the prior year test learned an equivalent of two years of math in a single year.

Explore the SRI International Study
Funded By Institute of Education Sciences

The ASSISTments Project @WPI and The ASSISTments Foundation Are Funded Through The Generosity Of: