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Join the 6th Grade Mathematics Study about Mixed Review!

We are seeking 6th grade math teachers who use Eureka/EngageNY as their core math curriculum to participate in this pilot study happening this Spring 2023. All participating teachers will receive up to $600, as a thank you for their time completing study activities.

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Building Confidence in Students with Timed Assignments

You may think that timed assignments can increase math anxiety, but using a timer in your classroom can actually increase math performance in your students. To help prepare students for future testing and provide you with an opportunity to understand your students knowledge, ASSISTments has developed a new Assign Time feature!

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ASSISTments online math program helps teachers save time, students become better learners

ASSISTments eliminates the need for teachers to have to score each individual piece of homework by generating a report on each student’s progress and one for the entire class. The teacher then knows what problems need to be gone over again and what students might need extra help, Heffernan said.

“Having the ASSISTment platform and the data allows me as an educator to reflect continuously on my students’ progress and meet the individual needs of all my students. That is not something that can occur without... ASSISTments.” - Palmina Griffin sixth grade math teacher at Trottier Middle School in Southborough and ASSISTments user since 2011.

The program makes it easy to assign math problems and track her students’ progress, she said. Students can also track their own progress.

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