ASSISTments Season of Giving: Making ASSISTments More Customizable for You

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2023 is nearly here and we have some cool updates coming! 

You’ll see some simple changes that make the ASSISTments experience more streamlined and other enhancements that will help you customize the experience for your students.

New ways to Customize ASSISTments  

In the next few weeks, we will be rolling out these four new ways to customize ASSISTments for you and your students, plus we will be unveiling several improvements to the Student Experience

Add a Timer to Your Assignments

Teachers will be able to set a timer on any assignment at assign time. With this update, teachers will be able to restrict the time students spend on an assignment, see which students managed to complete the assignment in the given time, and know which students may require extra time and support.

Import & Sync Your Classrooms

We’ve made it easier for you to import and synchronize your classes. These functions will now be accessible in the account dropdown menu.

New Look for Student Experience

Expect to hear some oohs and aahs when your students log into ASSISTments and see a whole new look and feel! Colors and other changes are Accessibility-friendly. But that’s not all we have for students in early 2023…

New Look for Student Experience - ASSISTments - Formative Mathematics Solutions

Symbols of Success

Teachers will have the option to provide students with access to their score on an assignment, and see rewarding symbols of success on each problem. 

More Flexibility for Students

Students can go back and see previous problems in linear, random, and student choice problem sets.

More for Multiple Choice Questions

Show Answer button appears for multiple choice item types

Thank you for following us along this gift giving season. We hope you enjoyed learning more about ASSISTments and what’s to come. See you next year!

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