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ASSISTments and Open Up Resources (OUR) share the same mission to increase equity in education by making excellent, top rated curricula openly available to districts and schools. Combining OUR curriculum with ASSISTments Teacher encourages student growth and helps develop students into mathematical thinkers. 

ASSISTments has digitized all of the available student-facing materials in both the Open Up Resources 6-8 and Open Up High School Mathematics curricula. By digitizing the material, students receive the immediate feedback they need to grow and learn. With this duo, teachers get real-time data that helps to save time, target instruction, and to support serving a diverse group of learners. 

Track Student Progress and Identify Learning Gaps using Open Up Resource Assessments

OUR has Readiness, Mid-Unit and End-of-Unit Assessments for grades 1-8 and Quick Quizzes, Unit Assessments and Performance tasks for High School to continually track student progress. When assigning these Assessments through ASSISTments, you’ll receive comprehensive feedback through student reports to help drive instruction. Using student reports, teachers can make informed decisions in which standards may require additional practice and if any interventions need to take place before moving forward in the curriculum.

TRY IT: Assign an OUR Check Your Readiness assessment through ASSISTments before starting your next unit.  Assigning through ASSISTments prior to starting a new unit will highlight specific topics/standards that need reteaching or review so that new material is more accessible to students. 

Students Experience Hands on Learning AND Get Feedback From ASSISTments

We recognize that digital tools are NOT a replacement for students using pencil and paper. OUR encourages learning through hands-on activities and real world experiences. While students might use paper/pencil, manipulatives or other hands on tools during lessons, ASSISTments supports students by providing immediate feedback and hints as they work through their problems. 

Immediate feedback allows students to reflect on their learning and gives students an opportunity to make revisions to their work and try again. Also, teachers will be able to quickly identify learning needs and student understanding (without manually scoring student work) through real time data at the student and class level.

TRY IT: Assign your next OUR Student Facing Task in ASSISTments and see how students benefit from the immediate feedback and student supports ASSISTments offers.

Students get a second chance with the Redo feature

Providing students with multiple opportunities to succeed in formative practice is at the heart of ASSISTment’s mission. We have a feature called Redo which allows students to have a second opportunity at success if they answer a problem incorrectly. Students will be able to try again with a similar problem after they have reviewed feedback from their missed problem. 

Redo is available in grades 3-8 for OUR Practice Problems and Cool Downs.

TRY IT: Try assigning your next problem set or cool down with “Redo.” Look for the

when assigning to see where Redo problems are available.

If your school has adopted OUR, consider applying the tips above to further amplify your students' learning progress. With ASSISTments Teacher, you get access to high quality content and the ease of assigning directly online. Plus, it’s always free for teachers!

Learn more about how ASSISTments can enhance your Open Up Resources curriculum here.

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