Britt Neuhaus joins The ASSISTments Foundation as Program Director

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The ASSISTments Foundation welcomes Britt Neuhaus to the team as Program Director to oversee the recent U.S. Department of Education mid-phase Education, Innovation and Research (EIR) grant. This five-year grant was awarded to Worcester Polytechnic Institute in partnership with The ASSISTments Foundation, Lesley University and WestEd in order to scale the ASSISTments online learning tool. EIR mid-phase grants support interventions that have already demonstrated their effectiveness and are looking to scale.

“I couldn't be more thrilled that Britt is joining our organization -- and at such an exciting time,” says Megan Roberts, CEO of The ASSISTments Foundation. “She is masterful at directing large and complex initiatives and has a wealth of education and organizational expertise. Britt will be instrumental in the overall growth and evolution of The ASSISTments Foundation." 

In this new role, Ms. Neuhaus will work with partners at Lesley University, WestEd, and schools across the country, with particular attention to schools in high-need, rural areas. Neuhaus will leverage her work with The ASSISTments Foundation to champion math education and support teachers.

Neuhaus has been working to improve public education throughout her entire career. Starting in the Teach For America as a bilingual teacher, then with Citizen Schools to advocate for school partnerships, Neuhaus then moved to the NYC Department of Educations' iZone to design blended learning practices and digital tools into classrooms across the city.

Most recently, Neuhaus served as Program Officer for the Innovative Schools program at Overdeck Family Foundation, a philanthropic organization that funds educational research and organizations to provide all children the opportunity to unlock their potential. In this role, she partnered with educators and schools to create student-centered evidence-based learning environments that support students’ academic and socioemotional needs. Neuhaus brings years of experience in classrooms, education programming and partnerships, and philanthropy to her new role as Program Director.

“ASSISTments stands out as one of the most effective edtech tools on the market. I am thrilled to be joining the new Foundation, along with this wonderful group of partners, to support its expansion in high-need communities and to achieve the next level of reach and impact for educators and students,” says Neuhaus.

Neuhaus holds an MST in Childhood Education from Pace University and a BA in Latin American Studies from Middlebury College. She lives in Brooklyn, NY. 

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