Content Update:  Illustrative Math 6-8 Accelerated now available in ASSISTments

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ASSISTments is excited to release the Illustrative Math 6-8 Accelerated curriculum. 

As described by the Kendall Hunt Illustrative Math website:
This two-course curriculum was designed by the team at Illustrative Math to provide an accelerated pathway to Algebra I. This curriculum still covers all of the standards in Illustrative Math 6-8 and compacts them into a two-year curriculum meant to be covered during 6th and 7th grade. The pace is faster than the standard Illustrative Math 6-8 curriculum and nothing is skipped.

ASSISTments now has all of the Illustrative Math 6-8 accelerated:

  • Practice Sets
  • Student Facing Tasks
  • Cool Downs

Additionally, all unit assessments (versions A & B) are available by request by emailing us at:

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