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Providing Tier 1 Intervention with the New Student Support Authoring Tool

ASSISTments released a new Student Support Authoring Tool which allows teachers to create their own customized hints and/or explanations, available directly to the students in their class. When authoring custom hints/explanations, teachers can use consistent vocabulary used in the class, mirror language students are familiar with, and/or walk students through processes led by their teacher.

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Featured Partner: NCTM

ASSISTments is excited to announce that we have partnered with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) to offer you NCTM’s “Figure This!” problems in ASSISTments.

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Content Update: Illustrative Math 6-8 Version B Assessments Now Available in ASSISTments

ASSISTments is happy to announce that we have added the recently released Kendall Hunt/Illustrative Math version B assessments for grades 6-8. These are available in the IM curriculum for the Check Your Readiness, Mid-Unit when available) and End-of-Unit assessments. The version B assessments offer questions that are similar to the original (version A) assessments that you're familiar with. IM created these assessments so that teachers have the option to provide reassessment opportunities to students. Teachers can pick and choose problems to assign to students to better gauge student learning throughout the unit.

If you already have access to the IM assessments, the version B assessments will automatically populate into those folders. If you do not yet have access to the IM assessments, please email to request access.