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Discover How Your Own Math Autobiography Can Positively Impact Students

As a high school math teacher, I made a promise to myself that I would always uplift and encourage my students when they struggle. I’d remind them that math is a process and learning is a part of the fun. I’d try multiple strategies and ask them “Where do you think we should start?” to provide them with autonomy in their learning process. As I moved into coaching and leadership roles, I was intentional to bring these practices to the forefront of my teachers and leaders minds. 

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Making Every Kid Both Math-Competent and Math-Confident

How do we make kids both math-competent and math-confident? In a new Psychology Today article from Ulrich Boser, founder of the Learning Agency, discover the importance of teacher-student relationships, growth mindset, and how education technology tools like ASSISTments can help.

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How to Personalize Learning - Psychology Today

Technology has clear limits, especially when it comes to the social side of education. But when it comes to feedback, technology can help personalize learning. For example, Shupert uses a program called ASSISTments that helps her assign and grade math work. Both Shupert and I work with the ASSISTments team, and the tool has a cool new feature called QUICK-Comments. “It helps me grade assignments quickly because it works similarly to the way our email platforms now suggest sentence completions. While technology has drawbacks, learning platforms like ASSISTments and Khan can make feedback easier,” Shupert says.

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