In Conversation With Neil Heffernan, Professor Of Computer Science At Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Analytics India Magazine got in touch with ASSISTments co-founder, Neil Heffernan, to share his views on data science.

For this week’s director’s series, Analytics India Magazine got in touch with ASSISTments co-founder Neil Heffernan and asked:

  • What are your views on the booming data science education market?
  • How does a university instrument a data science and analytics course? What sort of changes universities are required to bring post-pandemic?
  • How can governments encourage more students to select data science subjects? What role do corporations play in the same?
  • What are the major obstacles data science and analytics education are facing currently?
  • What is the prospect of AI and big data analytics education in the future?
  • Who should seek a career in data science? What does the future look like for someone who embarks on it at this time?

Find the answers here.

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