ASSISTments welcomes Dr. Megan Roberts as the CEO of The ASSISTments Foundation

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We are excited to announce that WPI's ASSISTments Foundation has hired Megan Roberts on as our new CEO! In this role, Megan will work alongside Neil & Cristina Heffernan in the leadership of the organization to help us spread ASSISTments across the US. We are looking forward to Megan's non-profit leadership experience as well as her ability to help us grow and scale ASSISTments. This scaling will help our research lab have more access to more students to learn from.

Prior to joining ASSISTments, Megan served as the Executive Director of Math for America (MƒA), a non-profit with a mission of elevating the respect of the teaching profession by working to keep math and science teachers in the classroom. MƒA runs a nationally implemented professional development model and a large teacher fellowship program. As an organization, it also advises and supports reform initiatives, as well as education legislation and research in education. Megan served as the Executive Director since the beginning of 2015 and is a well known education and organizational leader. We are fortunate to have her with us and I look forward to her leadership.

Megan began her career in New York City, first as a science teacher and then as a middle school assistant principal and principal. She then went on to become a Network Leader (which in NYC is synonymous with Superintendent) before being asked to lead a new division of the school system called the Office of Innovation, where she led the Ed Tech development and innovation initiatives for the NYC school system for many years before leaving the school system to join Math for America. Megan holds an Ed.D. in Science Education from TC, Columbia University; an M.A. in Secondary Science Education, and a B.S. in Structural Geology. She lives in New York City but will make frequent trips to WPI.

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