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Providing Tier 1 Intervention with the New Student Support Authoring Tool

ASSISTments released a new Student Support Authoring Tool which allows teachers to create their own customized hints and/or explanations, available directly to the students in their class. When authoring custom hints/explanations, teachers can use consistent vocabulary used in the class, mirror language students are familiar with, and/or walk students through processes led by their teacher.

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Featured Partner: NCTM

ASSISTments is excited to announce that we have partnered with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) to offer you NCTM’s “Figure This!” problems in ASSISTments.

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Content Update: Kendall Hunt Illustrative Mathematics Latest Content Available in ASSISTments

We have made updates to ensure our Illustrative Math assignments fully align to the most up to date version from Kendall Hunt (version 3.1415). Coming soon will be the latest versions of end of unit assessments to complement the assessments already in the curriculum (known as B Assessments).

As you know, unlike versions of this content elsewhere, ASSISTments is unique in allowing teachers to assign all student-facing assignments online via Google Classroom or Canvas. Students then get immediate feedback on their progress and multiple attempts on each problem. Teachers get a rich data report with actionable insights to inform instruction.

Watch our ASSISTments teacher tutorial video here.

Last year teachers made over 150,000 assignments with Illustrative Math using ASSISTments. We are excited to continue to support our growing base of Illustrative Math teacher-users.