Spring Recruitment: ASSISTments seeks diverse 7th grade math teachers using OpenUp, Illustrative Math, Engage NY and/or Eureka Math - Paid Opportunity

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ASSISTments is seeking diverse 7th grade math teachers with experience using OpenUp, Illustrative Math, Engage NY and/or Eureka Math for a paid opportunity to support the development of two new features within our platform. We enthusiastically welcome candidates of diverse backgrounds and are committed to recruiting a cohort of teachers that reflects the communities of students we serve. 

What will I be working on?:

As an Instructional Recommendations Teacher Collaborator, your time will primarily be spent reviewing common wrong answers to problems in OpenUp, Illustrative Math, Engage NY and/or Eureka Math, and generating two kinds of messages that will appear within ASSISTments to support math learning- Instructional Recommendations for teachers, and Common Wrong Answer feedback for students.

Instructional Recommendations are short tips for how teachers can best address student misconceptions based on the common wrong answers for that problem.

Common Wrong Answer Feedback provides students with helpful feedback on their response, so they can learn from their error and get the problem right the next time.

Am I a good fit? 

ASSISTments is looking for teachers who:

  • Have taught 7th grade math
  • Are familiar with the OpenUp, Illustrative Math, Engage NY and/or Eureka Math Curriculum
  • Can commit the required amount of time (see below).

What is the time commitment?

  • June 1-August 31, 2021- Estimate between 20-25 hours of work total - $1,500 stipend 
  • Number of hours is an estimate for the amount of work. You will receive the stipend upon successful completion of the assigned tasks
  • The number of hours spent working during any given week is up to individuals and flexible, so long as tasks are completed by 8/31/21

What will you gain? 

  • A chance to collaborate with a group of math teachers 
  • Hone your depth of understanding of your curriculum
  • Influence the creation of a new ASSISTments feature that will benefit thousands of teachers and students
  • Receive a $1,500 stipend 

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