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Fourth University Machine Learning Research Team Receives MathNet Award

ASSISTments will provide four university machine learning research teams with access to the largest dataset of digitized student work for the purpose of designing AI enabled technology to read, analyze, and score digitized student math work, and provide learning insights to math teachers.

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Building Confidence in Students with Timed Assignments

You may think that timed assignments can increase math anxiety, but using a timer in your classroom can actually increase math performance in your students. To help prepare students for future testing and provide you with an opportunity to understand your students knowledge, ASSISTments has developed a new Assign Time feature!

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Tech Can’t Teach but it Can Help with Feedback

The pandemic illustrated quite clearly that edtech cannot teach our students on its own. But there are a number of ways educators can successfully integrate the technology into the day-to-day practices of the classroom. In particular, tech can play a crucial supplementary role in helping teachers integrate formative assessment into the learning process, encouraging student reflection and self-regulation.

So, what exactly is formative assessment and how can we do a better job of integrating it into instruction, both in and out of the classroom?

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