What Works Clearinghouse Gives Top Marks to WPI-Developed Homework Program

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Quick summary:

The What Works Clearinghouse, a highly regarded federal research review of education products, has stated that an ASSISTments study “meets standards without reservations.” Established by the Institute of Educational Sciences within the U.S. Department of Education, the What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) provides a rigorous evaluation of studies on the effectiveness of educational products. Its recent review examined a study on the impact of ASSISTments, a free online math homework tool that gives teachers insight into their students’ progress. The WWC review found that the study met WWC standards without reservations, meaning the study was found to be valid and without bias.

WWC reviewed a study that involved a randomized control trial examining the progress of more than 2,700 seventh graders in 43 schools in Maine. Some did math homework on ASSISTments while others had non-digital, traditional homework assignments. The group that used the online tool outperformed the other students on the TerraNova Common Core assessment in math.

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