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Alfons Prince
Grade 7/8 Math Teacher
Washington D.C.
ASSISTments Teacher Interview Clip: ASSISTments Routine with Pencil and Paper
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In this video, learn from Alfons Prince why he chooses to utilize paper and pencil in his math classroom and how he balances using ASSISTments with the time-tested tools of paper and pencil. In addition, learn how Alfons utilizes the data from ASSISTments to form in-the-moment groups for re-teaching.

Rich Hollon
Grade 5 Math Teacher
Cambridge, Idaho
ASSISTments Teacher Interview Clip: ASSISTments Routine with Pencil and Paper
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In this video, hear how Rich Hollon utilizes paper and pencil in his math classrooms with ASSISTments. Rich has developed a routine where students finish each problem on paper and enter their answers in ASSISTments. Through this routine and resetting an assignment for students, Rich has seen motivation and perseverance grow among his students.

ElWanda McLaurin
Grade 7 Math Teacher
Spring Lake, North Carolina
Tracking Student Independent Practice using Skillbuilders and Reflection
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In this video, hear how one teacher tracks students' independent practice and fosters student reflection on specific math fluency skills using skillbuilders. Two additional teacher created PDFs are available - a Skillbuilder Checklist for 7th Grade and a Skillbuilder Reflection Sheet.

Dawn Peterson
Director of Content & Parterships at The ASSISTment Foundation, Former Math Teacher
Worcester, MA
My Favorite No
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This slide deck shows how the My Favorite No routine can be used with ASSISTments data. This routine invites students to do error analysis on one problem or task that the entire class has completed with a goal of celebrating what went right, even if the final answer is incorrect.

Marla Edwards
4th Grade Math Teacher
North Little Rock, Arkansas
Using ASSISTments collaboratively in the Classroom
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In this video, watch a classroom discussion in which the teacher leverages ASSISTments to build student collaboration.

Katy St. George
Grade 7/8 Math Teacher
Milford, NH
ASSISTments Teacher Story from the Field: Providing Opportunities for Students to Analyze ASSISTments Data
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In this video, learn how you can use specific ASSISTments data from the Student Details Report to facilitate whole class discussions with students in a virtual setting.

Nicola Scheib
Grade 7 Math Teacher
Coventry, RI
Modeling Clear Protocol for Answering Open Response Questions
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This video demonstrates how teachers can create their own personalized resources to support routines around a common challenge: students submitting work for open response questions.

Jillanne Payant
Grade 5 Math Teacher
Brooklyn Middle School, Brooklyn, CT
Using the Student Details Report to Facilitate 1:1 Conversations with Students
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This video walks through how you can use the Student Details Report to assess student progress and make the most of 1:1 meetings with students.

Marla Edwards
4th Grade Math Teacher
North Little Rock, Arkansas
How ASSISTments Supports the Standards for Mathematical Practice
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This slide deck (accompanied by audio narration) reviews how ASSISTments can support the use of the Standards of Mathematical Practice in your classroom.

Caroline Hill
Founder 228 Accelerator
Remote / Online
Staying Grounded and Designing for the Future
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Use the tool in this blog to: 1. Assess the mission and vision of your school, organization, classroom, curriculum, and lessons for its allegiance to Radical Inclusion and the creation of a multicultural democracy. 2. Reflect on and assess the questions you are asking yourself as a designer. 3. Assess the composition of your design team and if you are in relationship with others who can help you see your hidden assumptions. 4. Assess the relationship between your design questions, assumptions, the mission and vision and your actions.

Karen S. Owins
6th and 8th Grade Math Teacher
DoDEA, Spain
Organizing ASSISTments Assignments in Google Classroom to Support Unit Review
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Help students prepare for unit review. Watch this video to learn how to link ASSISTments problem sets into one Google Classroom assignment. This handy tip will make it easy for students to review student reports from past assignments in one place.

Susan Sullivan
Math Teacher at The Perkins School for the Blind
Watertown, Massachusetts
Using ASSISTments with Low Vision Students
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This slide deck includes tips on accommodations to consider when using ASSISTments with students with low vision.

DonnaLee Tignor
Retired Teacher and Instructional Coach; Professor of Teaching & Curriculum Development at Fitchburg State University
Fitchburg, Massachusetts
Breakout Room in a Box
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This "Breakout Room in a Box" offers sample slides that you can use in your breakout room, recommendations for student roles and responsibilities, and also a reflection form to collect feedback from students.

Allan Peterson
Grade 5 Math Teacher, Orleans Elementary School
Orleans, MA
Pre & Post Unit Assessment Reflection Sheet
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This student facing worksheet allows students to record work on assessments and track their understanding of concepts throughout a unit.

Kelly King
Grade 5 Teacher, Brooklyn Middle School
Brooklyn, CT
ASSISTments Score Recording Sheet
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This worksheet asks students to record and calculate their average score on Problem Sets and Exit Tickets from Eureka Math. This simple activity encourages student reflection and understanding of their progress.

Yameka Bullock
Middle School Math Teacher
Rocky Mount, NC
Instructional Model for In-Class and Remote Learning
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Download this resource to try out Yameka's model for implementing ASSISTments and Illustrative Math in your learning environment.

Sarah Irish
Middle School Technology Integration Specialist
Lewiston, Maine
Incorporating ASSISTments into a Mastery Based Classroom
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Learn how Sarah uses ASSISTments in her mastery-based classroom, and get access to her student self-paced learning tracking sheet.

Barbara Delaney
Middle School math teacher for 22 years. Retired from classroom teaching June 2020
3 Strategies to Foster a Growth Mindset and Create Agents of Learning
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In this video you will hear three strategies from an experienced math teacher about how to use ASSISTments foster a growth mindset and encourage student agency.

Denise Henniger
7th Grade
Williamstown Middle School. Williamstown, NJ
Interactive Student Reflection Sheet
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This is a powerpoint template version of the student reflection template from Kim Josey, that includes additional guidance to support students working remotely.

Carrie Moy
7th/8th Grade Math Teacher
Scoring Rubric
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With this simple scoring rubric, I help students focus less on the score (e.g. 67%) and more on the value of making multiple attempts and eventually getting it right. This encourages a growth mindset.

Kim Josey
7th Grade Math Teacher
North Carolina
Student Reflection Sheet
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Students can use this sheet, along with their ASSISTments Student Report, to reflect on their answers after finishing a problem set.

Andrew Burnett
7th Grade Math Teacher
Assignment Report Review
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Watch this video to see how I interpret the ASSISTments Assignment Report with my students.

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